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 Roy Moore, Give me a Break!
I hate your bigoted take
Get out of my state
before it's too late
and I suffer a nasty heartache.


I decided to try out Five Guys
and order a yummy-jumbo size
imagine the let down
after driving cross-town
to find a fast food franchise!

 While carving a piece off the wheel
Of cheese from my hometown, Mobile,
With a sudden start
I let out a fart
Cutting the cheese with a squeal.

"This Christmas parade really blows!"
Parents airing their post parade woes.
"The Prancing Elites"
were way too  effete.
 Next year we'll have no twinkle toes!
(A limerick for some hometown controversy.)

Through Facebook posts I do sail 
friends supporting Phil's ignorant fail 
bless their dumb hearts 
he's no Rosa Parks 
this bigoted revising white male.

A limerick to write using “hum”
maybe Jack and his fee fi fo fum
but Sue got there first
and I’m for the worst
as I sit here and think only “um?

The actors, rehearsing their scene
in the back of the big limousine
buck naked were caught
ashamed they were not
for their method was Ida Lupine’s

Before me, so many stews!
A buffet with so much to chose
that I did overeat
what happened-not sweet.
Clothes ruined as my stomach spews.

A woman who dated two Stu’s
was caught and then forced to choose
she agreed it was some
vexing conundrum
and decided to only date Lou’s.

A mother, upon finding a stack
of poopies in the diaper of Zack
said I’d've been better suited
if you had just pooted
instead of launchin' a big crack attack.

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