Tuesday, August 20, 2013


I never really adjusted to summer break and now school's back in session. I have wanted to post, but I haven't felt very creative. So I thought that I would share links to prompts that I enjoy. Many of you visit through prompts and maybe familiar with these already, but there may be one or two nice finds. I also invite you to post a link to a prompt that I may have missed in the comments section. If you say it is okay, I will edit this post and move the link into the text. You can also email me with a link if you would rather. My email address is to the right.


Kellie Elmore's Free Write Friday
Click on "The Latest" tab

Kellie's prompt was the first one I discovered. She posts prompts on Friday and invites you to free write. The prompts vary in type (picture, question, word bank, etc.) from week to week. You post the link to your blog in the comments.

dVerse Poets Pub

A very cool community. Tuesday they have an Open Link Night for poetry and Thursday and Saturday they post poetry challenges. Monday and Wednesday, they post an article and invite discussion in the comments.  There is so much to learn from this talented group. You link through Mr. Linky.

The Mag

You should visit this prompt if just to look at the pictures and stay for the cool posts. The Mag posts on Sunday and is a picture prompt. You respond to the posted picture on your blog and then post the link through Mr. Linky.

Three Word Wednesay
3WW posts three words and you write something that uses those words. This site has some very cool flash fiction participants. The prompt is posted on Wednesday and you link through Mr. Linky.

The Sunday Whirl

The Sunday Whirl is a word bank prompt. Each Sunday, you get a new Wordle of 12/13 words. You get your creativity on, and then link back through Mr. Linky


This is a beautiful, intense blog with one of the most delightful bloggers that I have met through writing. Plus on Sunday, she posts a challenge and invites responses. You link up through a Mr. Linky.

Mad Kane's Humor Blog Limerick-Off

I am not sure how I forgot to mention this wonderful weekly challenge when I first wrote this post, but I did. Let me offer my deepest apologies. Each week Madeleine Kane gives you the start and you write the limerick(s). If you are not sure about the form, she also has a helpful tutorial. The submissions are hilarious and the challenge is great fun. It is also not uncommon for limerick throw-downs to happen where submitters write limericks back and forth to each other.

Prompts I would like to try one day:

Imaginary Garden with Real Toads

ABC Wednesday

Sunday Scribblings

As with anything, you get what you put into these, so don't link and run unless they ask you to.


Tuesday, August 6, 2013


at six
she is just getting the art
of conversation

at two,
she would crawl into my lap
take the pappy out of her mouth
and with the biggest,
babble in Aoife speak
a conversation that was funny
and interesting,
and one I never understood.

finally, the words came
but the conversations left.
she would talk to herself
at her dolls
and just look at me and smile

sometimes, a
"he's a sweet fella"
to her baby brother.

now, almost four years later,
we have had a magic summer.
not quite miraculous,
but close enough.
she wants to have conversations
sometimes, they are rehearsed from movies
sometimes they are to her dolls
sometimes they are with me
and sometimes they are even about what I want to talk about.

and my sweet girl has been listening
and has this week adopted my favorite words
in her sweet, high, soft everyday voice,
two weeks to the day that school starts

"Shit, Mommy. I can't find my fucking bunny."

and I am so excited that her language skills are progressing

but, shit, I am going to be in so much fucking trouble with her teacher.

written 8/6/13

So my sweet girl has me as a bad influence, and this past weekend she treated her father to about 3 hours of f-bombs. Not angry or mean spirited, just useful adjectives.  She ran errands with him because I kept laughing and we were trying to not make a deal of the word. I am stoked at the milestones. Yay! My sweetie is developing conversational skills! Yay! My sweetie said socially unacceptable words!

The poem came about after reading the poems for the Childhood Dreams prompt over at mindlovemisery. I am still not sure if I am going to link it, since it doesn't really fit the prompt. maybe...

Friday, August 2, 2013

Happy Day!

The sun is shinier
The rain is more refreshing
Life is more lively
Every August 2.

written 8/2/13

Is it the ultimate in vanity to write a love poem to your own birthday?