Friday, March 21, 2014

A Man Like That

His voice

I n j e c t i n g
                napalm daylilly-desire



                     Wilting the boldness-bearer
of my resolve.

Burning me with the

My body


with well-being

the sweet


of time-halting.

All I do is wait for the freedom-flame
                                                         That is the caress of his fiery stare.

written 3/21/14
for dVerse Meeting the Bar

Bjorn introduces us to Kennings in this Meeting the Bar at dVerse. They look like so much fun, and I think I did it all wrong. Oh well. Happy World Poetry Day anyway! Make sure you go by and check out the other poems using Kennings. You won't regret it!

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Lovely Spring

Art by Sunita Khedekar 

She is Spring
Strong, fragile, funny, sweet, volitile
My lovely daughter.

written 3/18/14
for my Aoife and
dVerse Poetics.

Grace's Poetics prompt today is to use the amazing artwork of Sunita Khedekar as inspiration for a poem about Spring. I love this piece! Please visit her Facebook page or her Blog. I have chosen to write a Collum Lune (one of my favorite forms...very Twitter friendly) about my sweet girl. For more poems using the art of Sunita Khedekar as inspiration, go check out the submissions over at dVerse!

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Apple Pi

                                        My husband likes it cold. I prefer it warm to hot
                                    moist, tart and gooey. The crisp of the flesh as I sink 
                                my      teeth down                      in. Savoring 
                                           the flaky                         delicate crust.
                                           I inhale the                      ripe, sweet 
                                           odor a hint                      of nutmeg?
                                           cinnamon?                       Carefully
                                           blow, it may                     burn my 
                                           mouth. And                      yet, the pain
                                           would be                          worth it. I 
                                           consume the                     Pink Ladies
                                           with sweet                        whipped cream               &
                                           a bit of cheese                  sometimes feta                or
                                           maybe some                     cheddar. There               is a 
                                           sweet perfection                in this moment.              As I 
                                           once again                        surrender to homemade apple pie!
                                                                                             heidi written 3/13/14 for
                                                                                              dVerse Meeting the Bar

Brian at dVerse made an interesting observation; that we write appealing to our sense of sight. He asked us to write to our other senses. Since this year all of March is Pi month, and tomorrow is Pi day (3.14) I thought it an excellent opportunity to write about one of my favorite food groups. Y'all know the four food groups? Pie, Sweet tea, Fried Things, and Chocolate. I did cheat a bit, though, but I wanted to see if I could write in this shape. Yay! If you aren't finding me through the dVerse linky, then why not pop on over and check out some of the other awesome submissions. (Anna's is scary and sad...I highly recommend it!)

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Last Prayer

Last Prayer by heidi helmer

a mantis offers up her
last prayer
attached to my screen
dreaming of freedom outside

written: 3/12/14 for dVerse Poetics

It has been too long since I have participated in a dVerse prompt. This week, Shanyn challenges us to write mircopoetry about macophotography.  I'm not sure if my picture qualifies as macrophotography, and my poem is micro-micro, but I am happy with it. Click the link above to check out the submissions to dVerse, and try one yourself!