Stories by Aoife

Aoife and her Grandma
   by Aoife Graves and her Mommy

Grandma sings and she laughs. Grandma likes Aoife's book. She reads to Aoife and Eli. Then she laughs some more. Grandma and Aoife and Eli are friends.


Aoife and Dora
by Aoife Graves and her Mommy

One day, Dora smiled. She has feet. She has hands and smiling eyes. She has sparkles. All of these things make Dora happy. Aoife has a white costume from Halloween. That costume also makes Dora happy. Mommy Toe and Daddy Toe also like the costume. And they like all of their baby toes. Dora is happy that Mommy and Daddy Toe are such good parents. Daddy Toe sneezes because he smells onions. Bless you Daddy Toe. Dora and Aoife are happy.
for Tutta and Grandma


by Aoife Graves and her Mommy

Aurora dances and keeps kissing her guy. She likes to wear her pink dress. She also wears pink shoes. Aurora loves to hug Aoife. They are good friends. However, Aoife will be Coraline for Halloween. She will have a pet cat for her costume.


Aoife Called Grandma
by Aoife Graves and her Mommy

Aoife saw Grandma's icon on Mommy's phone. Aoife wanted to tell Grandma about Froggy and Frogilina. Aoife pushed the button to call Grandma. The phone rang. Aoife heard Grandma's voice on the voice mail. Aoife left a message for Grandma and Binky.

Aoife Goes to the Special Olympics!
by Aoife Graves and her Mommy

Aoife's class went to the Special Olympics today.  Aoife cheered for her friends.  Miss Betters and C.J. cheered with Aoife.  Deonte won a medal.  Everybody was very happy.  Aoife was very happy.  Aoife came home and told Scooby-Doo about her day and gave him a hug.  Aoife gave Scooby some Scooby snacks.  Everybody was happy.

Bunni and Aoife
by Aoife Graves, Bunni Rabbit, and Aoife's Mommy

Bunni came to live with Aoife for Aoife's first birthday. Bunni likes to tickle Aoife. Aoife laughs when Bunni tickles her. Aoife reads books to Bunni. Bunni helps Aoife feel better. Mommy and Daddy Toe and all of their babies love Bunni


Aoife and Demearia Play Together and Save the Day!
by Aoife Graves and her Mommy

Aoife and Demearia play together. They learn that the letter A is missing. They will look for clues to solve this mystery. Aoife and Demearia look around their classroom. Aoife and Demearia say "Uh oh oh!" They A had fallen down onto the floor. They saved the A and the Day!


Aoife Goes to School
by Aoife Graves and her Mommy

Aoife goes to school. She goes to Woodland Forrest Elementary. She is in Mrs. Lucas' class. Her teachers are Mrs. Lucas, Mrs. Peoples, Miss Betters, and Miss Bonnet. Aoife goes to school because she loves her teachers. Also, she goes to school so that she can wear her Minnie Mouse shirt. Aoife is getting a new shirt for Field Day. She is very happy.


A Smurf Story
by Aoife Graves and Handy Smurf and Aoife's Mommy

Handy Smurf has a saw. Aoife's baked potato was ready in the microwave. Handy Smurf helped her put it on the plate. Then he helped her cut cold butter into the hot potato. Aoife ate the potato. "Thank you Handy Smurf!" "You're welcome!"


Aoife and Demearia
    a story by Aoife Graves and her Mommy

Aoife and Demearia are friends. Aoife and Demearia like to play together. They like to play with the puzzles. They like Recess. They like to play at P.E. together. Aoife and Demearia like snacks. Aoife has applesauce. Demearia has applesauce too! Aoife and Demearia like to eat pizza for lunch together. Aoife loves Demearia. Demearia is Aoife's best friend!
     bedtime 4/13/14


  1. Love these! Now, on to Eli's. Tutta

    1. Thanks Tutta! I think one of Aoife's is missing...I'm pretty sure we did a Special Olympics story too. I need to go check and make sure it gets posted. Thanks for stopping by!


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