Wednesday, July 22, 2015


One piece
Missing and my
Work falls apart while I
Nurse the gaping hole that was left

written: 7 / 22 / 15

Feeling writey, and a little sad,  and working up to write some pissed off pieces.

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Babes in the Woods

In the end
They were just abandoned children
They deserved better

written: 7/21/15

This poem and the one about Steve Carell are the last two from a writing prompts challenge with one of my friends. I'm phoning it right now,  or I'd link you.  (Maybe when I have better equipment. ) The previous poem was a response to a prompt to write about having a conversation with someone famous.  This one was in response to rewrite a fairy tale.

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Coffee With Steve Carell

What if
I was at a cafe
Or a coffee house
Drinking sweet tea instead
Of coffee
And Steve Carell
Walked in the fucking door
And ordered a coffee?
Of course,  the Cafe would be crowded
And he would want to sit down
And I'd have a chair ready.
Here Steve,  have a seat
He'd see and appreciate my
University of Alabama tee
And sit down with a Roll Tide.
I'd give him a minute to enjoy his beverage
Before confessing
I miss Michael Scott!
I hate that I only get reruns
Of him.
I have memorized every line.
And Steve Carell would understand.
Because he understands why I write this blog.
He understands how awesome the word fuck truly is.
He understands that my depression is not personal.
He gets my little obsessions.
He appreciates a fart joke.
He knows how I feel about my kids.
He understands that cunt should be a legal WWF move.
And Life, without Michael Scott,
It's so hard
He always left me smiling and satisfied
That's What She Said!
Steve and I would blurt that out
At the same time
Trying to say it first
And then we'd just laugh.
Because Steve Carell is just cool like that.
Maybe one day. 
One day I'll get to meet Steve Carell.
And it will be just like that.
written 7/15/15
That's totally what it would be like,  right?