Stories by Eli

Buying Toys
by Eli Graves and his Mommy

One day Mommy and Eli went to the toy store.  Eli chose Venom. Then they bought toys. Mommy and Eli paid for the toys.

Stupid Zombies
by Eli Graves and his Mommy

The zombies were sleeping and then they turned into stupid zombies. Then the boy and girl soldier came and shot them. Oh no! Eli can't see and can't shoot through the wall! He found another way. Soon, Eli will save the day!

Eli Goes to the Restaurant with Mommy and eats Pizza
      a story by Eli Graves and Mommy

Eli and Mommy go to the restaurant to eat pizza. The pizza has bacon and peppers and pickles on it. Then Eli and Mommy get drinks. Eli gets Sprite. Mommy gets Coke. Then Eli and Mommy pack their food in a bag and leave to go home. They ride home in the truck. Eli and Mommy pick up Aoife on their way home.

     bedtime 4/13/14


  1. Love this, too. I know you realize you are giving both sweeties a leg up on creative writing assignments. Good for you! Tutta

    1. Thanks Tutta! He has actually written two with me. I need to put the zombie one up. We really like zombes.


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