Twitter Poems

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3/8/2014 I say
I love you and
Still you think that you are
Unloveable, believing I'm
Just nice.
3/7/2014     I ask what's that smell?
My son says
I farted with mud.
3/7/2014 Clinomania
When blankets are soft.
3/7/2014 My children sleep
As I repeat this prayer
Make me better
3/5/2014 For Lent
I give up self-condemnation.
Being a dick to myself
Does not make me a
A better person.
It just makes me
A dick.
3/1/2014 An odd
Chemical quirk
Chooses this moment to
Fire-misinforming that there's
3/1/2014 My body
Braced for a fight
That is not impending
Preparing rather than letting
Me sleep.
3/1/2014 My brain
Flooding itself
Rogue neurotransmitters
Stoking my anxiety's fire
2/28/2014 Recovering from a
stomach bug
My children sleep on me.
I fart on them.
2/26/2014 the disconnect between
me and everyone else is
sadly depression sized.
2/26/2014 my conversational constipation
wanting to talk to someone
nothing to say.
2/26/2014 Swirling
Dizzy downward
Creeping on Depression
My mood falling faint, crashing down
2/25/2014 Worried
About what kind
Of crazy I might be
I get overwhelmed by the kind
I am.
2/21/2014 My kids
Winning the gold
In the vomit Olympics
For synchronized
2/21/2014 A small rumble
Harbinger of ill times
Flatulence, then
Little kids spewing for distance
I hate viruses
2/14/2014 I should teach them better
Than to laugh at fart jokes
Maybe after I finish laughing...
2/11/2014 redamancy
a dog's eyes
hold her infinite love which
nourishes my heart.
for my Emma and all of the wonderful dogs who've gone
2/7/2014 dark night
small little boy
asleep in mother's arms
barking spiders do not wake him
my son

2/7/2014 the electric touch
of his fingertips
shimmies a shock down
my spine
setting a fire at the base
opening me
to the electric of his touch.
1/17/2014 My secret ingredient?
For beans, a little bluing.
Farta Blue Streak.
#CollumLune (sorta)
1/17/2014 What am I smelling?
What are you smelling, sweetie?
I don't know, it smells
Like stinky morning breath or
Maybe it is a skunk poop.
12/22/2013 binging
watching t.v.
reading and sharing blogs
waiting my for my next writing purge

2013-12-13 As I
Snuggle next to
You against the cold night
I ask just one thing, please don't fart
On me.
2013-12-05 you are
the only one
who ever really sees
me and sometimes even you can't
see me.
2013-11-22 I think I am probably supposed to write something prettier than #FridayFartPoems with #CollumLunes.
2013-11-22 poop or poot?
the terrifying car game invented
by my kids
2013-11-22 what's that smell
from the backseat, don't worry
mommy, I farted
2013-11-22 The joy of housekeeping
My house is so filthy
if it were a movie
it would be a porno.
h.   #micropoetry
2013-11-15 Quiet warm darkness
silence like a quilt
small drowsy boy
fights sleep
a sound
teeth shine
Mommy I pooted. 
2013-11-10 I love how one sentence can be a poem. #microstitch
2013-11-09 still silent night-dark
a warm bark under the sheets
little kids giggle
2013-10-30 As the fingers wrapped around her ankle, she realized the blanket over head 
had never protected her. #PDHorror
2013-10-29 She looked at the bodies that were once her family...she was serious when she
said no more drinking directly from the milk carton. #PDHorror 
also posted to Reddit DarkTales under the title "Mama's Had a Bad Day"

2013-10-29 He thought that when she told him, in an intimate moment, that she could eat
him up that she was just being euphemistic...#PDHorror

2013-10-29 She marveled at the feel of his skin. It always cooled down so fast once it
was removed.  #PDHorror

2013-10-26 She did
 Not realize
when he slid the wedding
Ring on her finger, she lost her

2013-10-26 In the
End, he never
Touched her making her ripe
Fruit waiting for someone to come
Pluck her.

2013-10-25 nature's sense of humor
through the curves of animals
manipulate gas.

2013-10-25 Down on Earth is heard
thunder rattling the sky
Zeus' "pull my finger."

2013-10-25 He was self-conscious already about his love-making skills. He lost 
all confidence when she used the #cummock.

2013-10-25 I want 

To hear the want
In your voice, feel it in
your touch, passing heat instead of

2013-10-19 "Me time"
Now means sleeping
and not being the one
Also responsible for my

2013-10-19 My life needs a movie montage.

2013-10-19 Gently wafting scent
Burns my nose, chokes me
Silent but deadly.

2013-10-14 Like a collectable
He placed her on a shelf
Ignores her humanity.

2013-10-12 I wasn't the girl concerned about
Getting a boy.
I was the girl
Who worried about
farting loudly during a test.

2013-10-12 He leaned into her

Breaths on her neck
You are the song my soul sings
She leans into him
& lets her stomach talk for her.

2013-10-10 Compulsively~
posting in the early morning~
emotional bulimia~
feeling anonymous~
exhausted by truths~
I'll denyin daylight~
buried in bon mots.

2013-10-10 My baby~
barely even a morning~
coffee meditation~
gone 3 days after~
my body alerted me to your presence~
waking my thoughts~
7 yrs later. 

2013-10-10 Less often ~
overwhelmed ~
by why ~
or the emptiness that set in ~
when my body flushed you out.

2013-10-10 Listening to them sleep ~
I think of the first ~ 
only around for six weeks ~
I wish I could have met her. 

2013-10-08 Every
Day I live with
Irreproachable as
My goal-no wonder I'm always
So tired.

2013-10-08 Reginald knew that she hated vampires, but now he was just dust off the horns
of her pet yakow- a natural vampire predator. #altwic

2013-10-08 Riding ~
a rising high tide~ 
anger again controls my depression ~
 leaving me treading choppy seas~ 
of fire. 

2013-10-02 Signs your depression may be lifting: 
Your husband says
 "You've looked really pretty lately." 
You say 
"Thanks, I'm taking baths again."

2013-10-01 Is steak an anti-depressant? Can we say it is? I really want a steak.

2013-10-01 Millions ran across boarders wearing rainbow shirts&screaming for 
entitlements. He woke in a cold sweat no longer a fan of the shutdown. h.

2013-10-01 He was beneath her balcony."We will live forever in a moment for we are the ones 
who truly feel."She smiled. He wasnot getting laid now. h.

2013-10-01 I just saw a Twitter notice that Michael now follows Gary Scott and now I really
 want to watch old episodes of "The Office."

2013-09-30 I want a phone cover that looks like a badge, so that when I take a selfie in the 
mirror, it will look that much cooler.

2013-09-27 My own ~
 nature, rude and ~ 
makes me a thoughtless Twitteter~ 

2013-09-27 Wrapped in your smile~ 
echoing in your laugh ~ 
my complete joy ~ 
to be your friend ~ 
all these years later. 

2013-09-27 New job~
lingerie sales~
I'm told, "work in the robes~
if you have gas." helpful first day~
work tips. h.

2013-09-27 A distant rumbling ~ 
the oncoming storm ~
a satisfying release.

2013-09-26 My son just ran into the room and said "Hello Stinky Butt!" I think that 
this it's a boy thing he got from his dad.

2013-09-26 You jump ~ 
when I touch you ~ 
like an electric shock~ 
that mocks the heat that our touches~ 
once held. 

2013-09-26 My son is running around the backyard in his underwear and singing 
into a M&M fan. This is why I grew up.

2013-09-25 Glowing smooth pearls ~
a whole life beating beneath ~ 
infinite and tiny. 

2013-09-25 So much contained~ 
in a tiny sleeping body ~
my miracle child. 

2013-09-24 Toys fly ~ 
flung from three year old fury ~ 
and still, he doesn't get ~
a purple ice pop. 

2013-09-24 He steals her madness~ 
useful as poetry fodder ~ 
her pain is read as~
 his genius. 

2013-09-22 Lying ~ 
hiding a truth behind ~
 grandiloquence and flowers, you ~ 

2013-09-22 Swirling ~ 
the dizzy dance ~ 
the damned dark descent down ~
no escaping, no light, only ~ 

2013-09-22 Seriously y'all, how many licks does it take to get to the Tootsie Roll 
 center of a Tootsie Pop?  #TheBigQuestions #DontSayThree

2013-09-22 @SalomeWilde I like that. Could also be greater than lasagna, oh yeah. 
Wait, now I'm afraid that the gods will strike me down for hubris.

2013-09-18 I ordered motivation, direction, a sense of purpose, a talent, & a medium Pepsi.
 They gave me a large Pepsi for the medium price. h.

2013-09-18 You can be in so ~ 
much trouble~ 
and the world goes on. 

2013-09-17 I'm all a'welter over the misoneism qualities and a warm balsamic feeling. 
 #altwic #artwiculate #lqw  #bluffyourwaythroughawinereview

2013-09-17 It had a Smurfy quality that permeates the Smurf leaving a Smurf-ant 
 residual Smurf.   #BluffYourWayThroughAWineReview #Smurf

2013-09-17 My sweet babies~
are happy reminders~
that Major Depression wasn't enough~
I obviously wanted postpartum on top of it. 

2013-09-17 Unemployment sucks ~ 
donkey balls ~ 
hey, are you hiring? 

2013-09-17 The scent of failure ~ 
lingers on ~ 
and fuels hopelessness. 

2013-09-17 Female condoms deserve much love
as an alternative for the rubber glove
It must be a gift from above

2013-09-16 The racist comments about Miss America is messing with my frustration
 with the sexism of the contest. Y'all are ruining Female Condom Day!

2013-09-16 When I'm miserable~
I stalk you on Facebook~
wishing you let strangers see more~
unsure if I wish you were happy or miserable. h.

2013-09-14 All the tweeting I did yesterday really took a toll on my 
Words With Friends performance.

2013-09-14 Friday the 13th~
almost four years ago~
I sang Rehab~
while they cut me open~
then lifted my angry boy up so I could see him for the 1st time 

2013-09-14 Blue blood smudged everywhere. Evil Mothersmurfer Smurf 
realized he'd been a bad Smurf. 
#13wordhorror @UnderTheJuniper  #imdonenow

2013-09-14 A blood red eye looked back at me from the dark rearview mirror. 
#13wordhorror @UnderTheJuniper  #ICantStopMyself

2013-09-14 He was completely still, his breath, inaudible; still it heard his blood circulate.   
#13wordhorror @UnderTheJuniper

2013-09-14 His blood, becoming sentient and hungry began to slowly eat him from inside.
 #13wordhorror @UnderTheJuniper

2013-09-13 Three days-no water.  She unwrapped the bloody bandage.  She was so thirsty.
 #13wordhorror @UnderTheJuniper

2013-09-13 The blood on the snow looked like strawberry puree. She did good work.   
#13wordhorror @UnderTheJuniper

2013-09-13 As my hand sunk deeper, I tasted my own fear like hot blood. 
 #13wordhorror @UnderTheJuniper

2013-09-13 Looking at it, my blood froze. How could it have so many teeth?  
 #13wordhorror @UnderTheJuniper

2013-09-13 Not this one ~ 
but another Friday the 13th~
I met Eli. h. 

2013-09-13 I lie here~ 
overfull of gas and tight ~ 
with unspoken words.

2013-09-13 Small feet running ~ 
Mommy, I farted! But why ~ 
wake me up. 

2013-09-13 The miraculous beauty ~ 
the musical wonder that is ~
 the human body. 

2013-09-13 Did you poot?~ 
No Mommy, I didn't poot ~
I just farted.

2013-09-13 a successful life:
if i have helped one
person- i lived.

 (11/10/13 disclaimer: I was reading some Emily Dickinson
 and saw that she wrote something very similar
 and I am 75% sure that I had never read it before
 I wrote this lune. I prefer to believe that, yes, I do
 think like a poetic genius.)
2013-09-13 how much happier
would we all be by
criticizing less frequently.

2013-09-13 My last tweet has removed all meaning from the word follow...

2013-09-13 Does Twitter just sometimes unfollow you from someone you're following?
 I start missing some of my favorites, and realize I have to refollow

2013-09-12 thank you
for your service &
sacrifice overseas.
wait that's your wife but you're a girl
fuck that

2013-09-12 treat me like
any other mom, i don't
expect you're psychic

2013-09-12 treat her like
any other little kid, I'll
help with challenges.

2013-09-12 she looks just
like everybody else and sometimes
i forget too.

2013-09-12 you can say
i don't know what to say
i don't either.

2013-09-12 the conversation stops
i know you are searching
it's okay, really

2013-09-12 that moment when
you realize that she's different
that long pause.

2013-09-12 I'm eating butter pecan ice cream for breakfast!

2013-09-12 I want to keep hashtagging, but then I won't have 
any room for dessert. Goodnight Twitter!

2013-09-11 Dark, cold house~
 quiet except one unexpected scrape ~
 awake now, scared.

2013-09-11 Judy Blume convinced ~
 me that periods were great ~
 she fucking lied. 

2013-09-10 A soul shattered ~
a million cutting shards waiting ~ 
for an exit.

2013-09-10 Alone in emptiness ~ 
unable to save myself, knowing ~
nobody else will. 

2013-09-10 When I was a teenager, I had a 1977 Monaco. 
It could do 0 to 30 in five minutes flat. 

2013-09-08 I was eleven ~ 
when I found out that ~
I was alone. 

2013-09-07 An infinite universe ~ 
can still make me feel ~
 like I matter.

2013-09-07 Often
I worry that
I'm a bad mom, and then
Eli plays "Exterminate!" Yep,
Good Mom.

the next three poems are my half of a poetry exchange with @AndreaThepoet
You can check out her blog here Lines on a Page
2013-09-07 @AndreaThepoet 
so tired and ~ 
still wishing the words would ~
fix it soon. h.

2013-09-07 @AndreaThepoet   
the quick pun ~ 
the clever joke, too often ~
 masks the truth. h.

2013-09-07 A lonely word ~ 
lost, echoes in my frustration ~ 
where are you?   

2013-09-07 I felt
accomplished as
a mom when my four and
two year olds laughed and made their first
fart jokes.

2013-09-07 Beans, beans the rootie-toot fruit. The more you eat the more you poot!
 #Fridayfartpoem #MyMomTaughtmeThatOne

2013-09-05 Waiting~ 
anxiety ~
the carnivorous worm~ 
consuming, hollowing me out ~ 

2013-09-05 It felt ~ 
like her soul had ~ 
resigned packed up and moved away ~ 
without leaving a forwarding ~ 

2013-09-04 Worried ~ 
my poetry ~ 
is just emotional ~ 
vomit waiting for saw dust to ~ 
clean up. 

2013-09-04 Just received on my phone from Twitter, "Some Asshole followed you"
 #BestNotificationEver @assholeofday

2013-09-03 Sometimes~
I like the startled look that's on your face~
when I answer "how are you"~
with the truth instead of~
"I'm fine".

2013-09-02 Disappointment set in ~ 
when I realized E.L.O. sang~ 
gross not Bruce.

2013-09-01 Go Diana go ~ 
each stroke takes you closer~ 
swim safely tonight. 

2013-09-01 Do you want to see?
Yeah I do!
Bye Melanoma.

2013-08-31 Infinite falling
crying tears
now neverending.

2013-08-31 When did
Evolved mean
It's okay to wage war
Instead of showing compassion

2013-08-31 The word
Depression is
The clinical term for
The study of your own navel
almost a #cinquain

2013-08-31 overwhelming rage
eats at her
burning at the core.

2013-08-31 infidelity
as plot point
doesn't reflect truth.

2013-08-31 I am tired
she said as the end
stared at her.

2013-08-31 like melted cheese
burning to the touch, sticky
handle her carefully

2013-08-31 anhedonia

if only
the anger was gone

2013-08-31 Tonight, my house is Mars~ 
Deimos and Phobos circle around~ 
avoiding pajamas~ 
and bedtime.

2013-08-30 Quiet ~ 
still, tight, warm, hard ~ 
pressure, wanting release ~ 
shouldn't, mustn't, want to, choose to~

2013-08-30 Two sick ~ 
babies, one sick ~ 
mommy tummy. Small voice ~
"I smell poop." "That's your cold dear." Bad ~ 

2013-08-30 Here I sit broken hearted ~ 
paid my dime and only farted. 

2013-08-30 Baby ~ 
boy's head on my ~ 
chest, fever hot on my ~ 
skin, all I can do now is to ~
 hold him.

2013-08-23 I sit~
in a wooden~
chair holding my wooden~
belly, leaning to one side. One~
cheek sneak. 

2013-08-23 Even ~
 Dr. Who felt ~
 pity for this stinky ~ 
noisy runner of Davros, the ~

2013-08-23 Down for ~
a nap sleepy ~ 
boy, Eli, did you poot?~
I no poot Mommy, I only ~

2013-08-23 Small little bubbles~
rising in the nighttime bathwater~
little kids laugh. 

2013-08-22 If you ~ 
looked inside, you ~ 
would see a hollowed out ~ 
shell, pretending there was more there ~ 
to give. 

2013-08-21 The whole ~ 
world rests in your ~ 
two blue eyes I see a~ 
future in them but you are not ~ 
here now. 

2013-08-21 Alone ~ 
with the darkness ~ 
a brain flooded awash ~
in errant neurotransmitters~ 

2013-08-21 Baby ~ 
boy asleep on ~ 
my back softly snores warm breath~ 
on my ear setting the world right ~ 

2013-08-13 Baby boy ~
 falling asleep ~ 
spiders bark "that's me, mom ~ 
My poot, I farted." Yes Eli~ 
I know. 

2013-08-10 I dislike being around people and small breath mints. 
I'm a Tic-Tacacogen. 

2013-08-10 Not having the leather jacket in her size, the associate offered assuage one instead.
 My first edited #artwiculate 

2013-08-04 I wonder what my husband's doing right now?

2013-08-04 I want ~ 
to stare at the ~ 
line of your shoulder while ~
the summer night gets hotter, it's ~ 
your move. 

2013-08-04 Spending ~ 
the day with you ~ 
has become a treat that ~ 
my body craves like oxygen.
 (I need two more syllables for this 2 b a cinquain)

2013-08-03 Your strong ~
 body is my ~ 
one true addiction, one ~
 from which I hope I never re~ 

2013-08-03 I want ~ 
to be alone ~ 
with you in the deep dark~ 
and slow in a way that stops ~
 for us. 

2013-08-03 I looked up one Golden Girls clip on YouTube 
and I now know my future for the next 90 minutes.
 More Golden Girls.

2013-08-02 Notice how the sun is always shinier, the rain is always more refreshing, 
life is always more awesome on August 2?

2013-08-01 Honesty was~
never one of your strengths~
& still I'm disappointed~
my heart breaks ~ 
just like your last promise. 

2013-07-31 To be ~
 lost in you, lost ~
 in us, is to be found.

2013-07-26 Help! I'm at the bottom of a little kid dog pile. Send aspirin.

2013-07-25 So much~
meaning in one~
"huh!" and an angry turn~
small arms crossed, mommy's battle's all~

2013-07-19 I hope ~ 
the last thing I~ 
ever get hear is ~ 
the sound of my name rolling from ~ 
your mouth. 

2013-07-13 I believe I'm all tamponed out, y'all.

2013-07-13 The next stop, the tampon zone #FamousTamponQuotes

2013-07-13 Show me the tampon! #FamousTamponQuotes

2013-07-13 Now is the tampon of our discontent #FamousTamponQuotes

2013-07-13 It is better to light a tampon than to curse the darkness

2013-07-13 I've bin ein tampon #FamousTamponQuotes

2013-07-13 We didn't need voices, we had tampons! #FamousTamponQuotes

2013-07-13 Go out there and win one for the Tampon #FamousTamponQuotes

2013-07-13 Happiness if a warm tampon. #FamousTamponQuotes

2013-07-13 It's a tampon!!!!!!!! #FamousTamponQuotes

2013-07-13 Tampons, why did it have to be tampons #FamousTamponQuotes

2013-07-12 Stayfree or die!!!!!! 
#weaponsofmenstruation  #tampongate

2013-07-12 I don't think this is how the trickle down theory is supposed to work.
 #weaponsofmenstruation #TamponGate

2013-07-12 If they take or pads, how do we Stayfree?
 #TamponGate  #weaponsofmenstruation

2013-07-12 Oh, that's what they mean by "Red State" 

2013-07-11 Happy Birthday E.B.White
He's dynomite!
He's number one
of those who are anti-bacon.
Is this how you write a #clerihew ?

2013-07-11 Writing
I want to write funny
Nothing occurs and still I need
to write.

2013-07-11 a poem
about wanting
chinese food when there is
none to be had at five thirty

2013-07-11 they are
sweet little things
and they have ganged up on
me creating perpetual

2013-07-11 Every ~ 
second is a~ 
struggle to stay something ~ 
that resembles a person not ~
a lump.

2013-07-11 Alone ~ 
in the night or ~ 
not a specter hovers at ~ 
the bedside watching, waiting for movement.

2013-07-11 She will ~ 
never run fast ~ 
or far enough away ~
to escape the voice she gave her~ 
self doubts.

2013-07-10 She waits ~ 
watching the day ~ 
drift slowly to an end ~ 
and tomorrow she will do it ~

2013-07-10 My girl ~ 
I longed to hear ~
your first words and waited ~ 
longer than I I love ~ 
your voice. 

2013-07-09 Teaching my sweeties the right words for body parts. 
Aoife: "I have a bulba!" Eli "Well, I have hictables!" 
We have a version of this daily.

2013-07-09 Summer
I can let them
wake at midnight and sing
"Mishka Muska Mickey Mouse! great
mom here.

2013-07-08 He is ~ 
the light in the ~ 
center of my soul, he ~ 
gives me what I need before I~ 
need it. 

2013-07-08 Watching ~
I wonder if ~ 
he knows he's already~
 ahead of her hoping it will ~
 never matter. 
sorta #Cinquain 

2013-07-08 Looking over today's tweets, I should maybe group them better by mood,
 they were all over the place.

2013-07-08 Every ~ 
day I vomit ~
a new layer of my ~ 
cocoon around me shutting out~ 
my life. 

2013-07-08 Seven ~ 
years ago she ~ 
didn't exist, four years~
 ago he didn't, look at what ~ 
we did. 

2013-07-07 How to ~
answer "how are ~
 you?" Saying "fine"is a~
 motherfucking lie. The truth is ~ 
too sad. 

2013-07-06 My sweet ~ 
girl and boy, they ~ 
change a little each day ~ 
and fifty years from now still my ~ 

2013-07-05 My kids are right, the word should be callipillar.

2013-07-03  Is it me, or does the emotiheart look like an emotipenisandscrotum

2013-07-02 At times ~ 
I enjoy the ~ 
irony that I can't ~
find the right word to describe your ~ 
speech delay. 
sorta #cinquain

2013-07-01 Never~
understood the~
true beauty of the whole~
 universe until I saw you~
Inspired by my sweeties and @HastyWords tweet.

2013-07-01 Blue

A primary color
the pigment in your eyes
The state of my soul that you're gone.

2013-06-30 Is this the hashtag for Kimberly McCarthy? #stand4life

2013-06-29 All the~
nights she looked at ~ 
an unresponsive sky and begged ~ 
"fix me" with her prayer going ~ 

2013-06-28 Two times ~ 
the Pi such a~ 
generous day makes me ~ 
kind of like math. Y'all have a good ~ 
Tau Day! 

2013-06-28 Never ~ 
knew that small hands ~ 
using a fork would make ~ 
me so happy and proud every ~ 
day joy. 

2013-06-27 In an effort to protect the health of women,
 today the state of Texas executed Kimberly McCarthy. 

2013-06-24 I sit~ 
and listen to ~ 
my happy babies play ~ 
grateful that they're in another~
#cinquain (sort of) 

2013-06-24 I could ~ 
stare at the curve ~ 
of your neck for hours~ 
wishing I was kissing you there ~ 

2013-06-23 Evil ~ 
Insomnia ~ 
entices private thoughts ~
 to frolic across my mind and ~ 
steal sleep. 

2013-06-23 Unheard ~ 
declarations ~ 
whispered into journals ~ 
at night...relief now and chagrin ~ 

2013-06-23 Your name ~ 
in my mouth is ~ 
enough to thrust any ~ 
other words out of consciousness ~ 

2013-06-23 The strength ~ 
of your arms traps ~ 
my attention and my ~ 
desire decimates any thoughts ~
 not you. 

2013-06-23 Wishing ~ 
we were alone ~
under the influence ~ 
of a large moon moving us to ~ 

2013-06-23 The glow~ 
of your skin is ~
a beacon for all my ~ 
yearning and the reason I can't ~ 
#cinquain (sort of) 

2013-06-22 Here, a~
 Phoenix in mid ~ 
conflagration wondering ~ 
after, who arises from the ~ 

2013-06-22 You're gone ~ 
too often and ~ 
work too hard. I spend my ~ 
days and nights waiting to touch you ~ 
2013-06-22 The blue~ 
in his eyes are ~ 
the gravitational ~ 
center of which my universe~ 


2013-06-21 I once accidentally made my department think they were all fired.
 #probablywhyI'mstillunemployed  #truestory

2013-06-20 Even ~
a simple trip~ 
to the dentist becomes ~ 
complicated when your girl has ~ 


2013-06-20 Sometimes~
I'm so full of~ 
emptiness, there's no room ~
 for anything else to come fill ~ 
me up. 

2013-06-15 I love to end the day by reading the poetic exchange between 
@AndreaThepoet  & @Eusebeia_Philos  :-)

2013-06-12 Somedays~
I am too tired~
for the good fight and I~
wish that someone would just save me~
from me.

2013-06-07 I stand against rape culture. #RehtaehParsons

2013-06-01 Minutes ~ 
pass and she dies ~
 inside while waiting for ~ 
her body to catch up lost in ~ 

2013-05-04 It's sweet ~
ice cold and brown~ 
slap your sweet mama strong ~
cool refreshing southern joy ~ 
sweet tea. 

2013-04-28 @mypetshadow pancakes are so bad-ass

2013-04-13 the joy~
of parenting~
clenching mid-stomach yuck~
so toddler can pee in potty~
one john. 

2013-04-13 so tired~
i want to sleep~
for one thousand-years and~
wake to a clean house and happy~


2013-04-10 my sweet~
aunt with her kind~
gentle nature and her~
loving spirit. happy birthday~
love you! 

2013-04-10 your soft~
southern accent~
each day growing stronger~
want some paynut budder mama~
my boy. 

2013-04-09 joy is~
a word on your~
holiday cards yearly~
daily the meaning's forgotten~
so sad. 

2013-04-08 waves are~
so many things~
water sound emotion~
crashing around on through me. Come~
let's see if i can tweet a poem/day 2

2013-04-08 I think~
your daddy's in~
trouble for giving you~
a 2 hour nap right before~

2013-03-12 Since I~
wrote Saturday~
about a shark and Queen~
Another One Bites the Dust plays~
in me.
#cinquain although it's really 

2013-03-11 Trying ~ 
to write something ~ 
each day is challenging ~ 
spent a lazy Sunday with my ~ 
sweeties . 

2013-03-09 Michael~ 
Mama's baby~
killed for his skin color~
his mom wanted him remembered~

2013-03-08 alone~ 
and I feel like~
I'll never be okay~
falling into to a hole and I'm~
2013-03-07 Crap! I~ 
added extra ~ 
syllables trying to ~
 learn #cinquains, and I tweeted them.~ 

2013-03-06 so tired~
can't sleep~
my baby's sick~
vomited on the bed~
ice pop magic sends him to sleep~
I wait.

2013-03-05 Waking~
slamming the doors~
why do I keep it in~
instead of talking to you, I'm~

2013-03-05 angry~
sleepy baby~
resisting attempts by~
 mom to make everything okay~

2013-03-04 When the kids have the stomach yuck,& I'm knee-deep in sick, 
I find a loose braid keeps my hair back &I feel stylish. 

2013-03-01 My favorite part of the long dive between Tuscaloosa and Mobile 
 is when my children very happily yell "look Mommy! That cow is pooping!"

2013-02-28 I love the magic trick of putting a baby too sleep by gently rubbing his face.
 (works worth puppies too!)

2013-02-27 Proud mommy watches while tiny boy pauses movie and goes potty by himself~
if only he could do it&wear clothes at the same time.

2013-02-26 Her anger is a tornado that sweeps through turning the house upside down 
and leaves us all exhausted. 
#FWF on a Tuesday.

2013-02-11 Once upon a time ~ 
my son pooped in the potty ~ 
adult fairy tales. 

2013-02-08 Gentle morning sunrise~
listen to my baby's soft sleep~
contemplating life's meaning~
I'm pretty sure it's bacon.

2013-02-08 The sticky tape is broken~
my heart lies shattered~
200 miles and I missed you by hours~
now to say goodbye~
at a memorial. 

2013-02-08 Bracing myself for a goodbye~
wanting you to have never been sick~
holding my broken heart together w/sticky tape. 

2013-02-06 hyperemesis~
from one little fuck~
for nine whole months~
I'm puking much muck~
labor arrives~
1 puke to go~
out slides my girl~
I love her so. 

2013-02-05 Can't find my phone~
and it worries my head~
cause i know when i find it~
all my TapFish'll be dead. 
return to #micropoetry

2013-02-05 1 am&feeling so bad~
b/c some fb douchebag~
insulted my dad~
yelled while typing~ 
a scathing retort~
would've also tweeted~
but the space is 2 sh

2013-02-03 Little guy&big sis~
looking carsick~
then the vomit~
swerve off the road~
22mi from home~
&look! There goes the light~
on the cop's dome.

2013-02-01 Sick little baby~
looks so sad~
mommy pls hold me~
my tummy feels bad~
snuggle at my shoulder~
held w/care~
a small twitch&then puke in my hair.

2012-06-07 talking to the nice stranger~
eating the nice lunch~
praying that i can hold the loud fart until it is all over.

2012-06-05 what frustrates you~
or makes you so angry~
so unhappy~
i don't understand why you can't tell me~
why do i think i can fix it? 

2012-06-04 Tree frog visits my window~
every evening~
delights my kids~
eats some bugs~
visits me again~
at night~
and watches Torchwood. 
2012-06-02 2yr-old's unspoken battlecry~
I'm in charge~
is only left unsaid b/c~
he hasn't figured out how 2 put those words together~

2012-05-28 Watching them play~
sun streams~
illuminates skin golden~
highlights their curls~
I'm mesmerized by love~
shit r those plastic bags? 

2012-05-27 6am and my sweeties are up~
climbing all over me~
mommy, i'm so hungry~
i give them my ipod with cartoons playing~
guilty sleep for me. 

2012-05-26 Smell of queso~
man shovelling in illegal burrito~
i don't want her to move away.

2012-05-23 I think a hot dog escaped somewhere in my backseat during the movie Saturday.
 My car smells like fish :(. Where is that stupid weeinie?!!!!

2012-05-16 Confessions~
I <3 my sweeties~
tv made 4 people who were in their 60's in the 80's&90's rocks~
& I'vea profound relationship w/bacon.


2012-05-11 my renewed job hunt~
seems to have stopped~
my #micropoetry~
doing both leaves me~ 
too naked. 

2012-04-25 The sticky tape is broken~
my heart lies shattered~
200 miles and I missed you by hours~
now to say goodbye~
at a memorial. 

2012-04-20 Bracing myself for a goodbye~
wanting you to have never been sick~
holding my broken heart together w/sticky tape. 

2012-04-17 She was a cute baby~
w/hair of gold~
now she's grown &I feel so old~
2 my sweet cousin Amanda~
I'd like 2 say~
hope you've had~
a happy birthday!

2012-04-16 I won't be sad that you're gone~
I won't grieve&think howmuch I miss you~
I'll celebrate your birthday&be happy that I knew you. 


2012-04-12 Watching my girl walk 2 her class~
is watching my baby grow up&away~
&a terrible joy stops my breath 1 moment as I rejoice and mourn. 


2012-04-11 Quietwarmdarkness~
silence felt likea quilt~
smalldrowsy boy~
fights sleep w/closedeyes~
a longsound~
whiteteeth shine~
Mommy I pooted.

2012-04-11 There is #poetry on a clothesline~
fresh sheets~
light breezes~

2012-04-09 I could watch you dance all day ~ 
except that I want to join in. 

2012-04-06 Sometimes~
I look at you~
&myinsides tighten so~
I can't breathe~
&I don't care~
because rightthen~
loving you~
ismore important~
than breathing. 

2012-04-05 Dear Aoife~
You're the reason~
poets and lyricists~
rhyme "girl" with "world".   

2012-04-04 OMG~

2012-03-29 Pudding.~ 
Chocolate pudding! 

2012-03-28 No nap for me~
but the grumpy is long gone~
a sweet baby boy curled in my lap~
and bringing me peace. 

2012-03-28 So friggin' grumpy ~ 
no #poetry in me today ~ 
maybe a nap will wake up a #micropoem. 

2012-03-27 Laundry on the line~
softness, TY breeze~
smell, TY outdoors~
fast dry, TY sun~
pollen, TY flowers~
shaking off bugs. 

2012-03-25 Well I thought it was funny. #sixwords

2012-03-25 Old me~
slept late~
stretched across bed~
sometimes with a fella~
New me~
6:30& awake w/a Mommy I sirsty~
& a pull on my hair. 

2012-03-24 Why am I so sad~
why am I so anxious~
I'm so fucking tired~
all I want is~

2012-03-23 OK, I died, & I'm reincarnated as a cow. Is this a good thing?
 & What does it mean that I want a double cheeseburger? 

2012-03-23 Grocery shopping for my m-i-l~
her list~
5lbs. pot~
Can I buy 5lbs of pot@the Walmart? 

2012-03-22 What my son tells me in his sleep~
I don't want any vegetables~
if it weren't  cottoneyejoe~
hot dogs~
Daddy, go to the park~ 
he has no secrets.

2012-03-21 My sweet girl~
with her happy smile &~ 
her bright curls~
brings joy to~
everyone who lets her~
why do I get so frustrated? 

2012-03-20 Their eyes well up~
the big tears roll down their cheeks~
their bottom lips poke out~
my heart melts~
all I want is to hold them close. 

2012-03-19 Parenting 101~
when his heinie becomes ticklish~
cleaning poo gets tricky~
it's time the little man learned about the toilet. 

2012-03-18 Homemade juice pops~
dripping down little hands~
making faces sticky~
cooling us all~
hot southern days. 

2012-03-17 Grumpy mommy~
trying to stay mad ~
wanting to play on phone~
2 yr old sings"Funplex"~
&4 yr old dances~
I'm losing this battle. 

2012-03-16 He flirts with me~
seduces me~
worships me with his body~
no interruptions~
no worries~
except getting caught. 
not my best

2012-03-16 My son at two~
My daughter at two~
so quiet~
so unresponsive~
except when she laughed. 

2012-03-14 No Moore~
getting a job by bringing people 2 hate each other~
no Moore~
us and them~
no Moore~
using God 2oppress people~
no Moore.

2012-03-14 The average two year old speaks five languages fluently  at the same time, 
all the time. #madeupfacts

2012-03-14 No poem today ~
I have had the time life greatest hits version of a virus. 
aching sneezing puking coughing stuffed up head misery. h.

2012-03-12 Sweettea~
I am endlessly~
devoted to thee~
I never want 2 b~
where I can't see~
a gallon waiting 4 me~
really, this stuff is good! 

2012-03-11 Trying to dim his light~
will not make hers shine more~
it will just dim his~
Look again~
recognize hers~
already blazes bright. 

2012-03-10 I come home~
she runs up to me and~
with a hug says~
I'm a zombie~
kiss my brains!~
My daughter~
my joy.

2012-03-09 The joy of parenting~
the mad dash~
complete the project~
due tomorrow~
that you found out about this evening.

2012-03-09 With only my feet left, I looked at the pieces of me and thought,
 "how will I ever put myself back together?"   

2012-03-08 2Hyun Ju~
after lunch w/you~
I began2 see beauty anew~
a new world view~
no longer so blue~
I see more that is true~
thank you. 

2012-03-07 My heart ~
 no longer my own ~ 
is now carried around in your tiny hand.

2012-03-06 The best lesson I ever learned was everything is better with bacon!!!!!!!! 
h.  #FWF not sure I'd call it #micropoetry
2012-03-04 I say the scary words~ 
from the dr.~ 
Major Depression~
Generalized Anxiety Disorder~ 
You say "Cheer up! You worry too much!" 

2012-03-03 The joy of parenting~
I get to say~
"please don't lick my face with~
chewed up cheese cracker in your mouth." 
#micropoetry ?

2012-03-02 To Grandma: I wish you had met my babies ~ 
I wish I could be your sweet girl one more time ~
 I wish you were here...

2012-03-02 The hardest lesson I have ever learned was that 
straining too hard on the toilet can make you faint!
 h. #FWF  #micropoetry~not~thnx k elmore

2012-03-01 Laundry day ~ 
cleaning the lint trap~ 
reminds me of you ~
California ~ 
so far from Alabama ~ 
I miss my Matthew.

2012-02-29 The joy of housekeeping~ 
My house is so filthy~
 if it were a movie ~
 it would be a porno. 

2012-02-28 Always so angry~
41 years and holding it in~
the dam explodes and~
I drown in the floods of anger. 

2012-02-27 All of the grime ~
 none of the glory ~ 
My love for you ~
 is like ~ 
a suppository.

2012-02-26 My heart breaks for you~
a Grandma gone leaves a hole that stays forever~
I wish I could do something~
so I'll love you harder. 

2012-02-25 You're full in my heart ~
 the miles between cannot diminish ~
 the love I am sending you ~
 ugh I sound like a greeting card. 

2012-02-24 Lazy day ~
blowing off housework ~ 
hanging with my toddler~ 
he sweetly holds my hand to his face ~
"pick my nose Mommy." 

2012-02-23 For Lent~
I give up self-condemnation~ 
being a dick to myself does not make me~
a better person~
it only makes me ~
a dick.  

2012-02-23 #WBW I lie in the palpable silence~
the dark prelude~
poised for the eruption of sunshine that means my day begins~
when my babies wake.

2012-02-22 Sometimes~
I just can't laugh~
at the things that~
scare me. 

2012-02-21 The joy of parenting means~
I laugh w/my children when they sneeze long gangly snot-worms out their noses~
Although I gag too. 

2012-02-20 I've started~
in poetry~
Is it the constant~
Am I a poet~
Or is it the Rxcough med w/Codiene? 

2012-02-19 Citing Adele and Alanis~
he dumped me~
"This will be good for your career, just think of the songs you'll write."~
But I'm an accountant. 

2012-02-19 Conversation at bedtime: I'm a zombie aarrrrrrrr!~
Raspberry my tummy!~
Go to sleep Baby Jaguar.~
 I love my little girl.

2012-02-18 Depression has been lingering~
but I haveno clue~
what to attribute~ 
watching every episode of He-Man~
all the way through.

2012-02-16 Dancing Dave is a regular slave to the call of the boogie beat. 
When his dancing shoes call he'll have a ball moving to the rhythm so sweet.

2012-02-15 Depression and anger~ 
suck the air out of my lungs and ~
I walk around a living corpse ~
waiting for what happens next. 

2012-02-14 Dear sweet antiemetic~
my love for you is something kinetic~
To you all the gratitude~
all of the glory~
I only wish you weren't suppository. 

2012-02-13 I love Adele ~ 
but I'm mad as hell ~ 
that I didn't buy her album ~ 
when it was on sale. 
#micropoetry ?

2012-02-12 What's with this rhyming~ 
it's all in the timing~ 
my #micropoetry it's a mess~ 
I am so blessed ~
that there's no exam. 

2012-02-11 Spinning circling circling spinning~
never knowing~
who I am~
how I am~
why I am~
never knowing~
only spinning circling circling spinning. 

2012-02-10 Having no middle name~
and wanting FB sass~
I chose the moniker "Funkygreenfungustoes" ~
which I now see sucks ass. 

2012-02-09 Climbing the stairs~
Shannon asks me~
do your panties have red hearts all over them?~
Damn these white cullottes! 

2012-02-08 My name's so provocative~ 
all bubbly and warm ~ 
with "bigger" and "lasagna"~ 
but, alas, no porn. 

2012-02-07 Anger building ~ 
pulse is pounding ~ 
all I want ~ 
is to run away ~ 
I know I'll hurt you ~
 if I stay. 

2012-02-06 Buffy sure knows this~
bet Bella does too~
no matter how much~
you cuddle or coo~
vampires don't get erections.

2012-02-05 Lips trembling, 
he said goodbye,
& I know my soul should melt 
like fat rendered from bacon but...
hey did someone mention bacon? 
# micropoetry

2012-02-04 Voting year's here tempers r rising~ 
Don't care the hate they're inciting~
Ready for November& this to be done~ 
please don't b anti-woman.

2012-02-03 My sweet baby what do you want for breakfast ~ 
hotdogs ~
lunch ~
hotdogs ~ 
supper ~ 
todo buy stock in  OscarMeyer. 

2012-02-03 A daily poem here, 
I'll try to post.
 I think they'll rhyme 
more than most
 poems I usually do. 
Shit, I really should learn Haiku. 

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