Tuesday, August 6, 2013


at six
she is just getting the art
of conversation

at two,
she would crawl into my lap
take the pappy out of her mouth
and with the biggest,
babble in Aoife speak
a conversation that was funny
and interesting,
and one I never understood.

finally, the words came
but the conversations left.
she would talk to herself
at her dolls
and just look at me and smile

sometimes, a
"he's a sweet fella"
to her baby brother.

now, almost four years later,
we have had a magic summer.
not quite miraculous,
but close enough.
she wants to have conversations
sometimes, they are rehearsed from movies
sometimes they are to her dolls
sometimes they are with me
and sometimes they are even about what I want to talk about.

and my sweet girl has been listening
and has this week adopted my favorite words
in her sweet, high, soft everyday voice,
two weeks to the day that school starts

"Shit, Mommy. I can't find my fucking bunny."

and I am so excited that her language skills are progressing

but, shit, I am going to be in so much fucking trouble with her teacher.

written 8/6/13

So my sweet girl has me as a bad influence, and this past weekend she treated her father to about 3 hours of f-bombs. Not angry or mean spirited, just useful adjectives.  She ran errands with him because I kept laughing and we were trying to not make a deal of the word. I am stoked at the milestones. Yay! My sweetie is developing conversational skills! Yay! My sweetie said socially unacceptable words!

The poem came about after reading the poems for the Childhood Dreams prompt over at mindlovemisery. I am still not sure if I am going to link it, since it doesn't really fit the prompt. maybe...


  1. I think this poem is quite endearing, brings me back to when my girls were small and how enthralled I was when they started conversing and sometimes we never know what will come "out of the mouths of babes".

    1. Thank you, Lisa. It amazes me every time my sweetie-pies say or do something new.

  2. Love this Heidi and thrilled for you all that little Aoife has found her voice!

    Your story reminds me of the time when my younger son came home from school - aged about six then - and declared "Mum, I can't do my fucking shoelaces up." Giggled too and tried not to make an issue of it.

    Off to paint now (or soon - great procrastinator) Heidi and hopefully plan to email tonight.

    Love ya!
    Anna :o]

    1. She hasn't practiced enough on her shoelaces to get frustrated with them yet. She has her dad around her little finger and he has been doing them for her. It's not a battle I am going to fight right now. Maybe when her fine motor skills develop a little more...

      Love ya back!

  3. Great story - my daughter has been cursing like a longshoreman since she was 10.

    1. Thanks! My son has now taken to singing the "naughty" version of "Thrift Shop" and the part that's the easiest to understand is the "this is fucking awesome!" part.

  4. Well shit, that is just fucking hilarious.

    1. I thought it was pretty fucking funny myself.

  5. This is very charming and very amusing =). I tend to cuss casually as well and I also have a young child. Occasionally she repeats it but so far it isn't in her everyday vocabulary haha

    The new prompt is up =)

    1. Every now and then I will blame it on her dad...

  6. hahahaha they def listen and pick up on those things...and i cant wait til the poem about the response from the teacher...smiles....

    1. I just got a look from her teacher when I gave her the heads-up. I think she is also more happy that Aoife is actually talking.


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