Wednesday, January 4, 2017

#GAF Day 2

Day 2

Where We Grow
     The smell in the air when she woke let her know it was time to plant. It was a big responsibility being the grower of fucks. And it was one that she loved. After her breakfast, she took the old wooden box that held the precious fuck seeds and opened it. From these tiny, blue seeds, so many fuck plants would grow and bloom and spread their fuck bounty over the world. The little fuck flowers were periwinkle, her favorite color. Once planted, they spread across the globe refilling the world with fuck. After the flowers faded, she walked the Earth gathering the little, blue fuck seeds and waited for the air to notify her of the next planting season. It was her who ensured there were always fucks to give when needed. It was how she helped people retain her humanity, with these little fuck flowers. Now it was time to get to work. It was time to sow the fucks. 

written: 1/3/17

I had a request to put my fucks in story form, so here's a try.

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