Friday, March 9, 2012

One Day On a Bus: Charlie, the Bus Driver

Charlie, The Bus Driver

     Jesus! Did that bitch go over the freakin' deep end or what? No woman does that to Charlie Hicks and gets away with it! He'll teach her like he used to teach Em before she got in with those lesbo-libbers and ran off. Although Em didn't know how to sock ya' one like this broad. Charlie though that he could come to respect a woman like that India Bellegraves. She even had a strong sounding name. India. Yeah, he could get to like that. It all took him by surprise, though. He would always trip one every now and then. Maybe he had been tripping them a little more since Em had made like a tree. But still, that was no excuse to haul off and hit him like that. How did she even know that he'd done it? Probably because the little lady had a brain or two in her head. Maybe it was time for Charlie to expand his horizons. God knows that Em was always spoutin' off that kind of manure at him. Maybe he's just like this little librarian out. He would still have to punish her first, but maybe afterwards, they could go for a beer or something. Yeah, he'd do just that. Just as soon as he got out of the hospital.


My most favorite of this series. I want to try to write him again. He's  awful.

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