Wednesday, March 21, 2012

One Day On the Bus: Another Look at India

Another Look at India

     You know that this whole experiment was a mistake. It's absolutley bewildering how he thought that you could make it in the real world. You didn't even have to volunteer to come home. He told you to. He commanded, and you return like the good little appliance you are. Shit, you don't even get dog rating, do you? You're like one of those little remote control cars, and now you're going back. You know he's going to shut you down.Why are you doing this? You do have a brain. You know you's metallic. What's the use? You have to go home because you don't like it out here. You miss him. You miss the lab. You don't fit in here. Go home. At least you'll have some happiness before he shuts you down.


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