Tuesday, June 5, 2012



Never satisfied.
Never good enough.
Strive for excellence-perfection,
there is always room for improvement.
You must always be better.
You can always do better.
The best is the only thing that is


originally written 8/2000

I originally wrote this as part of an developmental profile of myself for a school project. It made me uncomfortable then and it makes me uncomfortable now. (maybe even more uncomfortable now) I am posting this today and linking it to dverse Open Link Night. I think if this poem teaches me nothing else, it does let me know that I should never volunteer to coach any of my kids' team sports. Thanks for visiting!


  1. the feeling of never being good enough is hard...its good to push yourself but....haha on coaching the kids teams too..smiles..

  2. I hate that feeling and know it all too well--Liked this--the rhythm of it especially

  3. I read your comment as part of the poem, and believe me, it makes it oh so much more friendly! Lovely, in fact. But, bravo for keeping this early piece, for looking back to see how far you have come. Are you sure it was not intended as satire?

    1. Thank you Susan! The comments afterwards happen with most of my posts and are almost compulsory. Although I was tempted to write "I meant that as satire" because that would be smarter than "I really can't seem to control what comes out at the end." :)


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