Thursday, June 7, 2012

dVerse prompt: Where in the World


The sky in Grove Hill is just
It makes me feel
ready to fight.

The colors in the sunset are not
The snot string clouds are not

I spend my weekends with you and then I
I travel 200 miles where my life is not?
Half-way home I drive through
Grove Hill.
Where the sky is

June 7, 2012

Tonight's poem is my submission for dVerse Meeting in the Bar: "Where in the World?" I have been in an unusually non-science fiction mood lately. So unlike me...hopefully I can snap out of it before I have to surrender my Star Wars, Star Trek, and Dr. Who fan club memberships. Although, seriously, what's the deal with the Sky in Clarke County?


  1. living apart from the one you love...def has a very unreal feel to it...used to work several hours away and drive home on the weekends....for about 9 months...and this carries that feeling well...

  2. the emotions of having to leave ring strong here...this feeling of weirdness, the sky reflecting the inner feelings..very nicely penned

  3. Grove Hill must be the Gateway/Wormhole of the journey. You are further away than 200 miles, and you know it. Very neat.

  4. Is it the pkace or you? no, just kidding. :) Seriously, places get weird and reflect those moids we can't help coloring them with. Weirdness confronts us when our selves confront aspects of who we are in the workd that either threten the usual way or atnkeast the usual self-understanding we have. I'm sorry to hear it's been a bad week. Write more sci-fi pietry, Dr. Who will be proud of you! Thank you for coming by and participating. Be sure tonget you a** over here more often! :)

  5. Thanks for the kind comments, Heidi.

  6. Thanks for the blog-comment, Heidi. It was compassionate of you to say those things and I appreciate your effort.


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