Friday, October 12, 2012

The Day of the Girl

The Day of the Girl

recognize girls’ rights and the unique challenges girls face around the world.
its first observance
     child marriage
           a fundamental human rights violation
and impacts all aspects of a girl’s life
     denies a girl of her childhood  
     disrupts her education
     limits her opportunities
     increases her risk to be a victim of violence and abuse
     jeopardizes her health
    and therefore
          constitutes an obstacle to the development of healthy communities.

     around one in three young women aged 20-24 years were first married before they reached age 18. One third of them entered into marriage before they turned 15.

Prevent child marriage
protect girls’ rights
help reduce their risks of violence
                                    early pregnancy
                                    HIV infection
                                    and maternal death and disability


his is totally a found poem. I got it from the UN website I always feel a little guilty for found poetry.  However, I have had writer's block since a mean literary aggent person told me to go to school (pouty face). How's this for insight you ugly-shoe-wearing mean person! Yeah, I showed her. Thanks found poem!

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