Sunday, October 21, 2012

Special Needs

Special Needs

Some people say that I have a Special Needs Child
I have a low tolerance for that
Some say she is a child with Special Needs
that seems somewhat kinder and
more accurate.

It's true.
She has Special Needs.
She needs
A Chance.
Those things everyone needs.

Maybe we all have Special Needs.


So someone, somewhere was talking about "Special Needs Children" and it pissed me directly off. Although I can't even tell you the circumstances now. It could have been on tv or something I did make me think. I suspect some people are trying to be nice and some accurate, but it seems saccharine to me now. My sweetie-pie does have some challenges, but we all do, so how do I discuss it without getting pissed or getting my feelings hurt? I don't know.


  1. Normalcy is a myth and, even worse, the idea of it is used to bludgeon us into conforming to social expectations. Screw that. We should accept -- and celebrate -- our individuality.

    1. Thank you for thw visit and the sweet words!


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