Saturday, August 23, 2014

Too Much Mystery

I've known my husband
          20 years...this August.

In October
          celebrate our ninth wedding anniversary.

This week I made a
          about the size disparity between my breasts.

He said
          They aren't the same size?

Maybe our marriage
          a little too much mystery.

written 4/11/14

The stuff I find when I'm early morning browsing my rough drafts.


  1. There are very few human features that are completely symmetrical, and there are never too few mysteries between lovers. I like the whimsical humor of this.

  2. This is so cute Heidi and I am sure he thinks they are perfect as is. Mine aren't the exact same size either (the right one is bigger). I was always very insecure/self-conscious about my breasts (I got mine pretty early and they grew fast causing quite a lot of pain). When I was imagining my perfect guy as a teen I kept hoping he'd like my breasts because I didn't like them, well I got my wish (maybe it came a little too true lol).


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