Wednesday, October 8, 2014

In The Darkness

at the corner
of my eye triggering
fear, they are out and they want to
eat me

written 10/08/14

Also inspired by Marina's dVerse prompt, but probably not what she meant.(not linked)


  1. The monsters under our bed! This poem evokes emotions to childhood in very few words. Well done!

  2. Now that I've watched 3 Forensic Files and read this, I have to turn out all the lights, go through the house closing the blinds, and hope to God there is no one with a clown face standing outside the window.

  3. Oh this makes me ant to peek around the corner before my toes get there

  4. grab a weapon and don't let em get any bites! smiles...

  5. Yikes! And they like lasagna! Take care! Thanks for the smile. k .


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