Wednesday, October 8, 2014


Don't be angry.
Life is too short to be angry

What? Speak up! I can't hear you!

Yes, I agree, you are sorry.

If you don't know, then just ask.
Uh! How do you not know this already?

I don't know why you have to be such a bitch.

Oh no! What happened? These pictures are horrible!
You're not going to cry, are you?

Don't be angry.
Life is too short to be angry. 

written 10/08/14 for dVerse Poetics

Marina Sofia is tending bar for Poetics this week and challenges us to write of a minor incident that you may have missed while living your everyday life.  Maybe the minor thing in this poem isn't exactly minor, but I like where the prompt lead me.


  1. oy, i can put this in the context of high school...cause i hear similar...and it thumped my heart a bit to think of is too short to stay angry, but. oy there are things that make me angry...

  2. Sounds a bit like my children squabbling... and often they are so busy arguing about something (in the car) that they miss the landscape or city that we are passing through. And then they say 'But why didn't you point it out to us...?' Anyway, that's my interpretation of your poem- strong voice, I always struggle with dialogue in poetry but you've implied it very well.

  3. life is def. too short to be angry yet there are so many reasons to get angry - and too much space for misunderstanding each other as well

  4. Ah, life is too short... a lot of things do make me angry tho, but, I use it in my work so that takes off some of thee edge aye?

  5. I think saying that someone is angry is a sure way of making them angry.. and then that vicious circle has started...

  6. anger moves us sometimes, but life is certainly too short to let the sun set upon it.

  7. I think the subject of anger is an interesting one. There is a definite trend to suppress anger ,to think anger is bad and to use politically correct language to express it. Passion and forthrightness are often misinterpreted as anger.

  8. i think anger is as important a fuel of emotion to initiate change for the better as any other emotion.. and perhaps even stronger in some ways.. in some scenarios..

    but it is anger that festers that turns into discontent..contempt.. and hate.. that is the enemy of love.. that can be hard to simmer.. once anger is not used to fuel positive change..

    and yes to let it go..

    but this comes with maturity.. and with age.. and truly loving life.. to make the best of it..

    where those who do not care about the best of it.. yes life! go with the flow of discontent.. contempt.. and hate.. that is the dark of life..

    That! love of light.. can hope to simmer.. but not likely cure... but yes... even re-mediation of cure.. is better than more discontent.. contempt and hate full blown!

  9. It's hard to take but Cressida is right..passion and speaking out about one's anger is a healthy sign.

  10. Yeah, we cannot stay angry for long, it would be a waste of time!

  11. It feels like you may have been watching Keeping Up With The Kardashians and some of their dialogue crept into your subconscious :)

    Happens to us all.


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