Friday, November 8, 2013


Honesty, truly, was
never one of your strengths and still
I find I'm disappointed

I think I expect
Nothing until my heart breaks
Just like your last sworn promise.


written 7/29/13

my attempt at a Sedoka

I think Samuel Peralta is my Shoeless Joe Jackson, "If you use this form, the poem will come." I had the idea for the poem, but wanted a form, and reread Samuel's dVerse  post about Sedoka. I may have taken a few liberties, but I like the end result. Then, Samuel invited us to write a poem using 140 characters and I trimmed this poem to fit that prompt. Here is the tweeted version below.

Honesty was~never one of your strengths~& still I'm disappointed~my heart breaks ~ just like your last promise. h.

Cool, huh?

(this all took place over the summer, and I even wrote it up then, and I am only just now posting it. i feel a little like a stephen king character, hoarding my writing to bring out later...)


  1. hard not to expect things when that heart is broken..
    and honesty, had to be essential in any relationship...

    1. this is what happens when I write when I am still angry. it makes having to be angry a little more bearable.

  2. Nothing as sad as a broken heart Heidi; nothing as bad as a broken promise.
    Anna :o]

    1. Thanks Anna, I am ready to post something not sad.


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