Friday, November 22, 2013

The Truth About My Emma

The truth about my Emma is that:
     she loved to roll her head in dead, rotten, stanky things
     she loved to steal underwear and walk through a crowded room with it in her mouth.
     she was short tempered.
     she never got tired of playing fetch, and would bark at you if you didn't throw quickly enough.
     she was smart.
     she was funny.
     she would apologize with a head bump when she was in trouble.
     she loved me unconditionally.
     I loved her unconditionally.
The truth about my Emma is that
     she was a damn good dog.

written: 10/30/13

Anyone know how long after you lose your dog, you can write about her and not cry?  I haven't hit that milestone yet. Feeling like more "missing my dog poetry?" Check out my poem Emma.


  1. i am sorry...
    the loss of a pet is the loss of a family member
    emma sounds like a sweet pups...

  2. I can't tell you how long, but can only tell you how sorry that you are dealing with the sadness.

    1. It's been over five years, but I had had a dream about her running around like she did when she was a puppy. Thank you for your kind words.

  3. Awww hugs Heidi I am sorry to hear about Emma, the loss of a pet is devastating. What a beautiful and charming tribute

    1. Thank you Yves. I am beginning to believe that I may always have a sad moment or two about her, but I have a lot of happy memories about her as well.

  4. This made me smile and was heart-wrenching at the same time. Most days I think I like pets more than people.

    1. I think you and Emma could have been friends.

  5. Hugs from me too Heidi. Never owned a dog - yet felt the same grief when losing my fluffy eleven year old bunny in my early twenties.

    1. Thanks Anna. I am sorry about your fluffy bunny.


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