Friday, August 26, 2011

The Beginning

I am starting with a poem I wrote for a class a long time ago. It's my favorite and the only one that I have reread from that time that didn't make me laugh for the wrong reasons. I think that after this post, I will start with the piece and put any commentary at the end. I also hope that I haven't infringed on any copyrights.


"where, oh where
are you tonight?
why did you leave me ,
here all alone?
i searched the world over,
and thought i'd found
true love.
you met another,
and, tthpt,
you were gone."

     -that "Hee Haw" song-

How many licks does
neatness take whilst squishing
feet through Mississippi
moonpies falling on me?
(is strange)
Love is (my Toyota) a tree that
is a million (a mil. 5) years old
that is (like my reflection on this kitchen tile)
a "sight" and that dies (because i
didn't use a Sears Diehar...) the day before
you get there to see its
     Opus asks "Can a picture go 'tthpt'?"
or something like that
And I wonder, i wa, wa, wa, wa, wonder.
Cause that's the way (uh huh, uh huh).
As Warren Always says,
Are you really drinking a beer w/Jesus?
     Or is that a sin? Ister in Heaven or
down, shoo be doop da, down down,
(in history-Sir Issac)
comma, comma, down, down
     Seduction is just a state of mind (gun on the wall) and
Love ain't just a dream?
Dream Lover.
Dream Lover, wherefore art thou?
Deny the rose and refuse
I Dream of Refuse with the light Rose love. (hair? do?
hair-do?) comma, comma, down, down,
     shoo be doop.
     uh huh, uh huh


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