Monday, August 29, 2011


Housekeeping is the title I will use whenever there is some extra info I want to pass along, or any updates to the workings of the lasagna. (which kind of sucks now because I really want to use that title for a story or a poem.)

1. I think I have updated the comments section so that anyone may comment, without having to register first.

2. I opted for "moderate comments" so I think that means they come to me before they are posted. I am interested in keeping all the spam for myself (so yummy on a sandwich).

3. I enabled the reactions section, so if you want to provide some 5 second feedback, I would appreciate it. I am also open to adding any reactions that may be more helpful, just let me know!

4. For those of you who are in Alabama, AIDS Alabama has advanced tickets for "Wicked" on sale, when it comes to Birmingham. They have really good seats and they benefit from the spots they can sell. I think there may only be two days left, though.

5. The last time I checked, I was up to 153 hits, and although I am pretty sure that I am 110 of those hits, I would like to thank those of you who contributed to the other 43. I hope no one was disappointed when they saw the title and the adult content warining, and yet there were nothing obviously bigger than a lasagna on the posts. It only just now occured to me that it may all be misleading. So, I offer my sincere apologies to anyone who was looking for something a little spicier.


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