Sunday, October 27, 2013

Another Huge Obsession

In my last post, I shared some of the wonderful videos that I can't stop watching. In this post, I am going to share what has overtaken my iTunes and reading. It is No Sleep.

Some of you may know that I adore old time radio horror and mysteries. One of my favorite websites to listen  to is Horror-Theater. (I couldn't copy a good picture for them.) You can find it online at They play a nice variety of shows. Lately, they have been playing the No Sleep Podcast. The first night I listened to these stories, I had to sleep with the lights on. It was awesome. You can listen to the podcast yourself on iTunes or off of their website at If you go to their website, check out the page they made for new listeners. There are some excellent selections on that page as well as a link to their archives. Beginning with Season Three, you can also get bonus episodes by subscribing. Otherwise, you can listen to episodes free-of-charge (although I recommend subscribing.) I was not able to download directly from the webpage, but I could through iTunes.

The stories read on this podcast are from the Reddit No Sleep Forum, which can be found at  (I also couldn't get a good graphic for this site.) Readers of the forum post their "true" horror stories and I am hooked. I am also working on something to post there myself.

So that is something else that has been consuming me.

Also, I am writing this solely because I want to. The No Sleep and Horror Theater folks don't even know that this post exists.

Hopefully, I will be back to posting poetry and fiction soon. I need to catch up on all the wonderful prompts over at dVerse Poets Pub (they also, have no idea that I am posting this.)

have a good one!

written 10/27/13

Happy Birthday Kelly!


  1. nice...i will have to check it out...i really like old radio drama....
    that is how i first 'saw' star wars

    1. I have a list on rotation that I love. Horror theater, Dramatic Radio, DisCipher iNterNet rAdio, ByGolly Radio, Relic Radio, MPIR, and ROK Classic Radio all have websites and are awesome! Some have podcasts and stream on iTunes as well.


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