Saturday, December 21, 2013

On Blogging...

attention whore

     that i am

posting for the validation

     for the thrill
          of approval

ignoring the potential for art

focusing on the eyes on me




validate me
approve of me
love me

written: 11/18/13

Sometimes, I write something and all I can think about it is that I may have wasted my youth being a "good girl." Other times I think that my counselor would probably make some sort of deal about this.As for this poem, I think both of these things. 


  1. ha. i think at times, yes, we are attention whores...
    why post online for everyone to see...some people do the same with being published
    its all fleeting...i like the interaction...the connection as much as the writing...smiles.
    you may be better off having been a good girl...i played both sides of that fence a bit....

    1. Hey Brian! I like the connections too, but I really do like the attention. The desire to be bad comes and goes.

  2. This reminds me of a New Yorker cartoon. A mother is showing her little girl the diary she wrote as a child and the daughter says, "But why write it if nobody else is reading?"

  3. Good poem, we fall prey to our insecurities!


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