Wednesday, May 7, 2014

racing time

photo and poem by heidi helmer

written 5/7/14

My sweetie asked me how people know what to write. Is it you think of a word and something comes from that, or you see something, or is it just random thoughts? For me it's all of those things and then some. He said "So I could give you seven words and you could write something?" I said that I'd try and I let him expand to seven things, people, concepts. Here's the list he gave me:

George Carlin, summer, children ,ice cream , amusement parks, orange (color), sweaters

I have found Pixlr* in the past few days and have also started exploring Instagram*, so I looked through my pictures to see if there was something that I thought would give me a place to start.  The only image editing I did with this picture was to add the text with Pixlr. I can't remember what this picure is of, I think a Christmas tree. I was trying out the $5.00 digital camera I bought myself for Christmas (It has no frills!)

I thought that I would ask you to please leave you thoughts on writing if you are commenting on this post. I am interested and I think my sweetie would be as well.

*This is not a sponsored post. I am just having a lot of fun with both Pixlr and Instagram. :)

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