Monday, May 5, 2014

Sunday Afternoon

photo by heidi helmer

The breeze gently glides
 through the tall grass on
Sunday afternoon.

 It is has been a pleasant, spring day
and not only
are my sinuses clear,
my tummy is full.

(The roast and root vegetables sitting under a slab of apple pie.)

The glass of  sweet tea
(no mint today, thanks)
is under my fingers

as I lean back in my chair
on the back porch.

I feel so grateful
to have moved here,
      to this old farmhouse
 in rural Alabama.

My house is at the end of
a gravel road
which is just my

Saturday nights
I sing along with
the bluegrass program
on NPR.

The people stuck in the cities
 to me.

 I hear the familiar click

as the trap springs

and I see the red spray

in the distance.

The animals know better than to go near the traps,

but the zombies seem to fall for them every time.

written 5/5/14
submitted to Free Write Friday with Kellie Elmore

This piece came about because I wanted to write something, and nothing was happening. Kellie Elmore's Free Write prompts are excellent for kick-starting some writing, and this last Friday's prompt was a word bank using these words:

Red – Mint – Gravel – Sing – Unlucky

which then reminded me of a Twitter conversation I had with @LatinoDeepSouth about the article "Would Alabamians Survive a Zombie Apocolypse?" and, I was off writing.

I wrote initially as straight-on prose, but it looked like a huge word block, so I did this with it. Is this prosetry? Or am I having a hard time shaking NaPoWriMo?

While you're online, why not hastag #BringBackOurGirls, and check out the Latinos in the Deep South website and Twitter. They are doing some awesome work!


  1. I was ready to grab my tea and join you, until the trap snapped. No thanks!

    1. Stay where it's safe, Tutta!


  2. ha. someone has been watching walking dead.
    and in case of a zombie apocalypse i am def heading to more rural
    areas...less populated....smiles.

    1. I was trying to identify a genre for my fiction...I think it may be "M. Knight Shyamalan Surprise".

  3. ha smiles... cities def. have their own dynamic and attract a certain sort of people... i love both - the city and the countryside but life in the countryside is def. more relaxing...

    1. I agree, Claudia, with or without zombies!

  4. Love the ending...I grew up in the country, but now I live in Houston...I miss quiet

    1. Thanks Susie! I had my grandparents' house in mind while writing. Although they did not have a zombie problem. :)

  5. Lovely, Heidster.

    Also, you like bluegrass?!?! How have we not discussed bluegrass???

    1. Thanks, Bone! Bluegrass just doesn't come up in conversation very often, does it? I have to be in a specific mood, but I do think that it is way underappreciated.


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