Wednesday, June 3, 2015

When Masturbation Turns Ugly

We got to meet Caitlin Jenner
As herself
After 65 years.

And there were lots of
Thought provoking

And there were comments that she was brave.

-Cue fucking Facebook-
        (The progenitor of most of my middle-age rage. )

With posts basically saying

That's not brave
This is brave

And a picture of a mutilated soldier.

Because we can't just use people's challenges

      To prove to ourselves how good we are anymore

      To choke our moral chicken on the inspirational suffering of others

      To pull our self righteous pud over our perceptions over how inspirational it is to be like everyone else.

Now we pause 
   to fling

Use it to hurt them with the comparison:

This isn't you.
Bravery is finite.
You are no longer entitled.

Because,  after all,  Caitlin is no longer an Olympic hero...

She's a media whore.
      (Isn't that just like a woman?)

And bravery is only reserved for those that we also kind of pity.

written: 6/3/15

I think y'all may know how I feel about Inspiration Porn,  but now people are using it to attack Caitlyn Jenner.  I'm also thinking that I may start posting more of the poems I wrote when I get pissed off.  I may actually be in a place where I am okay with it. 

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  1. Right-fucking-on! Stay angry - keep writing! I love this voice. BTW - I agree with your sentiments.


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