Friday, April 15, 2016

NaPoWriMo Day Fifteen: Fuck You J.J. Abrams (contains spoilers)

Star Trek reboot
Let's reduce Uhura's cool to
just Spock's armcandy

and Spock's moment?
where he embraces his humanity?
given to Kirk.

one last chance
maybe you'll awaken the Force ...
You. Murdering. Bastard.

written 4/15/16 for

Fuck you so hard, J.J. Abrams! Although, I am actually putting something into the writing today. Maybe there's a lift in the Depression onset writer's block I have been experiencing. Although that may have also been wrote-something-too-emotionally-draining-and-needed-to-recover.  I also have a lot of NaPo reading to do now!!!


  1. I don't know star trek, but i do know righteous indignation! You don't fuck with the classics.


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