Monday, April 25, 2016

NaPoWriMo Day Twenty-Four: I Thought I Had Posted A Poem

Saturday night
I dreamed that my throat
was sore
        just a little twinge every tenth swallow

and my mouth felt fluffy
even after eating blackberries

so i looked in the mirror and moths
black and more lovebug
than moth looking
were crawling on my teeth
        which were purple from the blackberries
and the moths, which i knew were moths
and not lovebugs because
my mouth felt glimmery

those lovebug looking moths
wouldn't get out of my mouth
until i spit
and then they were dead
their wadded bodies in the sink

and my throat twinged and made me cough

i coughed up a handful of muck
which turned out to be a bunch of baby green frogs
looking at me like
what the fuck, heidi?

and i was unsure if they were upset
that they were in my throat
or that i had coughed them up.

as it occurred to me to be
freaked out

i woke up

with a twinge in my throat on the tenth swallow.

and i learned that if you google
"dream of coughing up f"
it will auto suggest

which, to me, is next level freaky shit.

which is why i am writing this on the twenty-fifth instead the twenty-fourth.

written 4/25/16 for

I have some fucked up dreams y'all.

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  1. These dreams just mean you're horny. Go find your horny toad and get to it.


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