Saturday, April 9, 2016

NaPoWriMo Day Nine: Idoltury

I refuse to worship
the soldier,
to give credit to the military
for the sacrifices of civilians

placing on an alter
a false profit
a negative gain
unquestioned obedience
getting credit
for the work of thugs and communists and feminazis and terrorists and hippie treehuggers

as our suffrage decreases
and our suffering increases
I resent mutilated humans flashed on facebook
as cheap inspiration porn
fueling the self gratification of fear
and ejaculating hate

send our children to made up wars
to prove your dick is bigger than
your dad's
and use their broken bodies
and shattered souls
to shame an Olympic heroine
or deny safety, mercy and grace to a refugee

i will not worship hate
i will not disrespect humanity
with false flattery
seducing the afraid and ignorant
to offer up their arms
as sacrifices

there are just some things I will not fear

written 4/9/16 for

Blarg! Today we are supposed to write something that is scary for us to write. And, yes, I totally wrote that what is scary for me is not being afraid. This is a really raw (translation: if you need to critique, tread softly, because I can't be objective about this one yet) free write free verse. I need to go write something funny now. 


  1. i loved this. it's not perfect, but it's SO you.

  2. i enjoyed reading this. you are not alone in the sentiment shared here.

  3. we need to speak up, don't we ~

  4. Ditto. As a child of the Sixties, I also refuse to worship the military no matter how popular that's become. In essence, it's ritualized male cruelty.


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