Friday, March 15, 2013

3WW Submission: Cinquain for a Hologram

Cinquain for a Hologram

Rimmer, that  "H"
isn't for hug. Mistake
that drive plate for fixed and your a

written 3/15/13 for 3WW
This week's words: Careful, Hug, Mistake
Someone stop me before I retell again!. I have been on a cinquain kick, and a retelling other stories kick, and here I've done both.  I have noticed that it seems to help me keep writing and not burn out. Maybe I should limit myself to only one retelling a week at the most. Maybe I should also cut down on the Netflix (although maybe it's too late for that.) Finally, for those of you who don't recognize it, this is about Arnold Rimmer, BSC, SSC of the Jupiter Mining Corp. Ship, Red Dwarf. If you have never seen Red Dwarf, go watch it now, and you're welcome!


  1. I loved Red Dwarf..he always tried though..that always deserves a hug..

  2. Hi Jaerose! I love this show. I am anticipating the newer ones to hit Netflix. Rimmer is an awesome antagonist annoying and oddly likeable at the same time. Thanks for stopping by and commenting. I really like this post, and I'm glad someone else did too.


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