Tuesday, July 9, 2013

My Garden

My Sweetie-pies Playing in the Mud
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 I lie in the palpable silence~the dark prelude~poised for the eruption of sunshine that means my day begins~when my babies wake.h

Lazy day ~ blowing off housework ~ hanging with my toddler~ he sweetly holds my hand to his face ~"pick my nose Mommy." h

My heart ~ no longer my own ~ is now carried around in your tiny hand. h

 My sweet ~ girl and boy, they ~ change a little each day ~ and fifty years from now still my ~ babies. h

At times ~ I enjoy the ~ irony that I can't ~find the right word to describe your ~ speech delay. h.  

Never ~ knew that small hands ~ using a fork would make ~ me so happy and proud every ~ day joy. h

I sit~ and listen to ~ my happy babies play ~ grateful that they're in another~ room· h. 

your soft~southern accent~each day growing stronger~want some paynut budder mama~my boy. h

so tired~can't sleep~my baby's sick~vomited on the bed~ice pop magic sends him to sleep~I wait. h

Gentle morning sunrise~listen to my baby's soft sleep~contemplating life's meaning~I'm pretty sure it's bacon. h

Little guy&big sis~looking carsick~RUOK?~then the vomit~swerve off the road~22mi from home~& look! There goes the light~on the cop's dome.

Sick little baby~looks so sad~mommy pls hold me~my tummy feels bad~snuggle at my shoulder~held w/care~a small twitch&then puke in my hair

Watching them play~sun streams~illuminates skin golden~highlights their curls~I'm mesmerized by love~shit r those plastic bags? h

Watching my girl walk 2 her class~is watching my baby grow up&away~&a terrible joy stops my breath 1 moment as I rejoice and mourn. h

Quietwarmdarkness~silence felt likea quilt~smalldrowsy boy~fights sleep w/closedeyes~a longsound~trumpeting~whiteteeth shine~Mommy I pooted.

Sometimes~I look at you~&myinsides tighten so~I can't breathe~&I don't care~because rightthen~loving you~ismore important~than breathing. h.

 Dear Aoife~You're the reason~poets and lyricists~rhyme "girl" with "world". h.

Grumpy mommy~trying to stay mad ~wanting to play on phone~2 yr old sings"Funplex"~&4 yr old dances~I'm losing this battle. h.

 Once upon a time ~ my son pooped in the potty ~ adult fairy tales. h. (this was my first haiku)

I come home~she runs up to me and~with a hug says~I'm a zombie~aaarrrrrrr~kiss my brains!~My daughter~my joy. h

Trying to dim his light~will not make hers shine more~it will just dim his~Look again~recognize hers~already blazes bright. h

compiled 7/9/13

I have been reading Victoria Slotto's Monday Meanderings on her blog. Today she posted pictures of her flowers and included a linky, so that readers could post pictures of their gardens or any poetry that was inspired by the pictures. So I decided to post this picture. I hope you'll forgive the in-your-face-worn-out-metaphor, and the obnoxious parent moment, but this is my garden. My little flowers were playing in a rainstorm in our backyard when I took this picture. I have posted some of my micropoem tweets about them before, but I thought I would also include them here.

I think that I would like to expand this blog a little to include more mediums, but for now I am still having trouble getting back into the swing of writing and posting. (maybe too much of my creative energy has been devoted to hashtag games lately, but how much fun are they, am I right?)

Thanks to Victoria for her wonderful blog, inspiration, and for the opportunity to share.


  1. Heidi this is beautiful and moving. I feel like I need to go cuddle up to my daughter now lol I have a 5 year old daughter Isadora she is my world too

    1. Thank you! I love the name Isadora. It amazes me how funny and frustrating and amazing two little people can be

  2. Thank you, mindlovemisery. I love the name Isadora. My sweetie-pies are so funny and frustrating and wonderful all at the same time.

  3. pick my nose mommy...ha, you had me rolling there....smiles...kiss my brains....kids are so awesome....smiles.

    1. Somedays, I am tempted to walk around with my camcorder on all day, especially now that they have both discovered fart/butt humor. I never outgrew that and it cracks me up but I am always laughing and not writing it down. I am also reinforcing pottymouth, I think we may have a rocky start to the schoolyear.

  4. Wonderful, exquisite beauty!, Greetings!

    1. Greetings, Leovi! Thank you, I am glad that you liked it.

  5. Heidi, I can't think of a more perfect response. Those of us who don't have children take it out on our garden or dogs...but these beauties can't be rivaled. Enjoy them and nurture them well!

    1. Thank you, Victoria! I enjoyed the prompt.

  6. Glad you're back, Heidi! It's great watching children grow and change - "paynut budder mama" - hah, love it.

    1. Thank you! He also says "Py" for pie. It's short and kind of yummy sounding and it drips in Alabama accent. They're so funny, and I get the credit for writing it, when all I have to do is transcribe.

  7. smiles...precious plants in your garden... kiss my brain...lol...so good..

    1. Hi Claudia. Kiss my brain is one of my favorites as well. I want to write more about that one day. Thanks for the visit.


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