Saturday, March 14, 2015

Camp NaNoWriMo, or Let's Feed The Alligators
So, I have also decided to sign up for Camp the same time I am doing NaPoWriMo, because, maybe I hate myself? But I have only committed to 300 words a day (more my speed than 1200ish) and I am going to count my NaPo poems in my NaNo counts.

"Gator Walk Warning" photo by heidi helmer

I have also decided to work on my Novemeber NaNo novel called The Protector of Hartley.  I set it down in December because I realized something horrible about one of my characters and it kind of hurt my feelings. I have picked it back up and reread it in preparation for April and I have realized a few things.
1. That horrible thing is actually the truth.
2. That truth still hurts my feelings.
3. I am going to cry a few times writing that stupid story.
4. I should probably rename the book Profanity and Poop, because there is a lot of both. I really like writing about shit.
This should be interesting.

oh, and PI!


  1. Hi Heidi!

    Really want to do the poetry Nano in April. Where do I begin?

    Just wanted to say, I tried Nanowrimo (Novel) before and I just failed miserably at it. That discipline of writing everyday didn't have a place in my full-time job/daughters/filial duties routine. However, it was exhilarating even to get to 12,000 words or so. After the experience, I went on to write at the rate of one YA novel every year. And because of Nanowrimo, I have the discipline to go at it consistently for six months.

    Every year I took part in annual local manuscript competitions, and made the very Shortlist each year. This year I hope to make it to the very top. But if I don't, I will be at it again. The Calistro especially, has upped my confidence in writing.

    So, all the best for your Nanowrimo. Bring it on!

    1. Hey Ninot!

      I did manage 30,001 words when I did NaNo in November. I have since discarded about 20,000 of those words since then. Part of the fun is in the challenge and I like the story (for the most part.) I'm kind of interested in seeing how writing the poems along with it affects the story. :)

  2. I find it intriguing that fiction of your own making can hurt your feelings. Never heard of that before. Happy 3/14/15.

    1. Happy Pi Day Ally! I think I get way too involved in my stories, and I don't plan them out a whole lot, so, I get surprised sometimes.

  3. I haven't even worked up the courage to attempt a Nanowrimo Novel so kudos to you for even getting it out of the gate because that is the very first step to success! Novel writing it not my forte and I have definitely hurt my own feelings with my work. Hang in there though and you will level up, because it is when you get stuck/things get tough emotional that the breakthroughs happen


    1. Oh man, I think the hardest part is when I get bored with it while I am writing and I can't figure out where to go next. I think it's a good challenge, but, oh so frustrating. I tend to write poetry relatively fast, so I get this immediate sense of accomplishment that I don't really get that with the novel.

  4. What does NaPoWriMo require -- a poem a day?

    They don't have to be high quality do they?

    1. The goal is a poem a day, but it's okay if you do your own thing. I haven't been kicked out for bad poems and my first three poems last year were about how stoned my ADHD meds made me feel. They were kind of rough. You register your site here.


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