Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Your Gaze

It is the small kindness
like the light caress
triggers the fire
and peels off my dress

your gaze lights the pyre
inflaming my desire
the sum of me in your eye
the passion you inspire

beneath you I lie
with your weight on my thigh
electricity through my spine
your name in my sigh

your lips against mine
travel along the line
to my skin they press
drinking me in like a wine

one hand on my breast
the other wrapped in a tress
of my hair, taking me higher
towards euphoric egress

I feel the spire
relax and retire
releasing our tie
like an unraveling wire

in these moments I fly
and now sleep is nigh
with you all is fine
no time to be shy

I feel like I shine
deep in my recline
the intense happiness
when we two entwine.

written 8/19/14

Another Rubaiyat! Part of me thinks this is cool, and that part is also too shy to post this immediately upon finishing. The other part of me thinks that this is just one more silly thing I've done because of a man.

3/25/15 I've been up all night writing and not wanting to post anything I wrote. So I decided to look up stuff in my drafts folder and find this. And I completely don't remember writing it, but I like it. I think that it's funny. (The note after makes me smile too.)


  1. I like it. Intimate. Smouldering. Agile. I like it a lot.

    1. Agile? I don't think my writing has ever been called agile before. It makes me feel giddy. I'm going to be so hard to live with now.

  2. It's sweet. And I can see some humor, too. Maybe you have created a whole new genre: comedic erotica?

    1. Comedic erotica. I like that. I'll take it. I may even have to put the adult content warning back up.

  3. The commentary is hilarious. I actually love the poem. And I am happy for poems that sharing my partner's body inspires from me. It was very touching, actually. And a fun form.

    1. Hey Sabio! Thanks for dropping by. I really like this form, and I never use it. I should, and I do find his body inspirational...I'm really glad you liked It.


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