Saturday, March 21, 2015


One autumn morning
A southern elementary school class
Visits a barnyard

One activity is
Riding a tall brown horse
Climb some stairs

With some help
To get into the saddle
Brown and shiny

Kecie is third
She waits patiently in line
Excited to ride.

She's also scared
The horse is too tall
She could fall

At her turn
She walks slowly to the
Horse, who waits

She climbs up
And begins to cry out
No, I'm scared

Mixed with several
I'm not scared, I'm not
She is stuck

Between riding and
Running away. She is just
A little girl

It is decided
To let her rest while
Her classmates ride

She watches closely
That horse won't beat her
She's not scared

Everyone has ridden
It is Kecie's turn again
She climbs up

No! No! No!
I'm scared, I'm scared, I'm
I'm not scared.

She gets up
She rides the tall horse
She's not scared

She did it
Taking us all with her
Around the ring

Making us braver
Because Kecie's brave like all
Brave little girls

Rub my eyes
Wipe away my tears for
What I've seen

Hug my daughter
My own brave little girl
Conquering different challenges

Happy on this
Autumn day at the Barnyard
I feel brave.

written 3/21/15

This is based on a true story and a very good day at the Barnyard. Happy World Poetry Day!


  1. This is perfectly lovely, Heidi. Experiencing those little/major triumphs through the eyes of a child, that's pure life.

    1. Thank you Bone. It was a very good day. And Kecie is such a wonderful girl, it was a joy to share that with her.


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