Thursday, February 28, 2013

Instead of Writing and Reading

So I am a little toasty, i.e. I went on a writing glut and now I don't have any left in me for now, so I did this instead:

1. I took a costume from Halloween that was already getting too small, and had a busted bodice, and a $2 dress from the thrift store, and Princess Aurora had a suitable gown for costume day at school today.

Princess Aurora Eating a Nasty Mayonnaise Sandwich

She accessorized with Hello Kitty sneakers.

2. I played "Turtle Binchons" (Turtle Binchons is Eli speak for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.)

3. I read a blog that has inspired me, but I'm not quite ready to write yet.

4. Written TWO "I don't feel like writing" posts. hhhmmmmmmmm....

Sweet dreams y'all!



  1. It's fun listening to your mind work.

  2. Heidi, thanks so much for commenting on my blog. You related your feelings so well - and now, here at your blog (love the green(, I see why. You are unflinchingly honest. Sometimes that activist/truth teller bent can be quite exhausting! I will go back a few posts and see the work that caused this... respite. Sometimes I'll go a few days with NOTHING (often b/c of depression), and the Sunday Whirl wordle looks like Dorothy's tornado, too confusing... but take heart, and don't press yourself. You are a wise writer to understand the binge is usually followed by a bit of a drought. Peace, Amy

    1. Thank you Amy! I found all of these other cool prompts through dVerse and I wanted to write for all of them at once. I think the breaking point was (Popping Bubbles) where I tried to reinterpret an Arch Obler "Lights Out" episode as flash fiction, and only gave myself a couple of hours to write it so that I could write two more posts, although one of those was The Trouble with Tribbles, which I'm not sure counts as writing, but is my most popular post. I think I've learned my lesson, but this is a rather long response...
      Anyway, thank you for the kind encouragementment. I look forward to reading more of your posts!

  3. oh so very cool and cutie pie kids! thank you for sharing.

    1. Thanks! They are cutie pies (I have a hard time being modest about my kids)! Thanks for visiting and I loved your last post!


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