Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Random Late Night Post Recapping My Tweets About Motherhood

Things I tweeted about motherhood when I first joined Twitter.
2yr-old's unspoken battlecry~I'm in charge~is only left unsaid b/c~he hasn't figured out how 2 put those words together~yet. h. #micropoetry

Watching them play~sun streams~illuminates skin golden~highlights their curls~I'm mesmerized by love~shit r those plastic bags? h. #poem

6am and my sweeties are up~climbing all over me~mommy, i'm so hungry~i give them my ipod with cartoons playing~guilty sleep for me. h. #poem

Watching my girl walk 2 her class~is watching my baby grow up&away~&a terrible joy stops my breath 1 moment as I rejoice and mourn. h #poem

Quietwarmdarkness~silence felt likea quilt~smalldrowsy boy~fights sleep w/closedeyes~a longsound~trumpeting~whiteteeth shine~Mommy I pooted.

I could watch you dance all day ~ except that I want to join in. #micropoetry
Sometimes~I look at you~&myinsides tighten so~I can't breathe~&I don't care~because rightthen~loving you~ismore important~than breathing. h.

Dear Aoife~You're the reason~poets and lyricists~rhyme "girl" with "world". h. #micropoetry

OMG~courtesyflush(cf)~publicrestroom~cf~pottytraining~cf~thesmell~cf~nextstall~cf~"mommyitstinks"~cf~whywon'tucourtesyflush! h. #micropoetry

No nap for me~but the grumpy is long gone~a sweet baby boy curled in my lap~dreaming~and bringing me peace. h. #micropoetry

Old me~slept late~stretched across bed~sometimes with a fella~New me~6:30& awake w/a Mommy I sirsty~& a pull on my hair. h. #micropoetry

What my son tells me in his sleep~I don't want any vegetables~if it weren't cottoneyejoe~hot dogs~Daddy, go to the park~ he has no secrets.

My sweet girl~with her happy smile &~ her bright curls~brings joy to~everyone who lets her~why do I get so frustrated? h. #worldpoetryday

Their eyes well up~the big tears roll down their cheeks~their bottom lips poke out~my heart melts~all I want is to hold them close. h. #poem

Parenting 101~when his heinie becomes ticklish~cleaning poo gets tricky~it's time the little man learned about the toilet. h. #micropoetry

Homemade juice pops~dripping down little hands~making faces sticky~cooling us all~hot southern days. h. #micropoetry

Grumpy mommy~trying to stay mad ~wanting to play on phone~2 yr old sings"Funplex"~&4 yr old dances~I'm losing this battle. h. #micropoetry

My son at two~sings~talks~laughs~My daughter at two~so quiet~so unresponsive~except when she laughed. h. #micropoetry

Trying to dim his light~will not make hers shine more~it will just dim his~Look again~recognize hers~already blazes bright. h. #micropoetry

I come home~she runs up to me and~with a hug says~I'm a zombie~aaarrrrrrr~kiss my brains!~My daughter~my joy. h. #micropoetry

The joy of parenting~the mad dash~complete the project~due tomorrow~that you found out about this evening. h. #micropoetry

My heart ~ no longer my own ~ is now carried around in your tiny hand. h. #micropoetry

The joy of parenting~I get to say~"please don't lick my face with~chewed up cheese cracker in your mouth." h. #micropoetry ?

Lazy day ~ blowing off housework ~ hanging with my toddler~ he sweetly holds my hand to his face ~"pick my nose Mommy." h. #micropoetry

The joy of parenting means~I laugh w/my children when they sneeze long gangly snot-worms out their noses~Although I gag too. h. #micropoetry

Conversation at bedtime: I'm a zombie aarrrrrrrr!~Raspberry my tummy!~Go to sleep Baby Jaguar.~ I love my little girl. h. #micropoetry

My sweet baby what do you want for breakfast ~ hotdogs ~ lunch ~ hotdogs ~ supper ~ hotdogs~ todo buy stock in OscarMeyer. h. #micropoetry


  1. You capture the mixed emotions and experiences of parenting. People usually try to isolate positive or negative parts of that role, but the reality is a true mix, making this more authentic.

    1. Hi Ally! Thank you. You've described why I love to write about parenting. I have a hard time completing soley sentimental pieces so I love to work up to an "aw" moment and then zing it with something funny. My children are already masters at setting these situations up for me.

  2. Not a LOVE button? Fix this immediately! :)

    Great micropoetry :) "Watching my girl walk 2 her class~is watching my baby grow up&away~&a terrible joy stops my breath 1 moment as I rejoice and mourn. h #poem" One of my favourites :)

    1. Hi Robert, welcome to the lasagna! Thanks for the suggestion, and the very kind compliment. The micropoem you noted is one of my favorites of the group too. Usually, I like the funnier ones more than the sentimental ones, but I can still see her walking down the hall with the teacher's aid her first full day of pre-k with her ponytails and pinks outfit.(of course there is a shaft of sunshine on her in my memory as well, which is impossible because the hallway has no windows.)I'm so glad you came by!

  3. You should print and keep these images and thoughts in a journal for posterity ~ I keep a journal of my kid's first year up to two years and its a joy to read it on some days ~

    Love this ~

    1. That's a wonderful idea, Grace. They are so funny and they change so fast. I'm glad you liked it. Thanks for stopping by.


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