Saturday, February 23, 2013

Mag 155 Submission: Untouched

artwork by Joseph Lorusso


The woman sits across the cafe from the couple.
They don't see her although the three of them are the only patrons there.
He cannot keep his eyes or hands off the girl.

The woman twists her wedding band around her finger
not touching her tea, not touching anything
except for the gold on her finger that only takes warmth from her.

The boy has started kissing the girl, running his hand up her leg,
under her skirt. She kisses him back and holds him closer.
He pulls out his hand and wraps his arm around her back.

The woman knew this passion and obliviousness in her youth,
but never with her husband. Her husband is a sweet decent man who
never touches her, never embraces her, never initiates...

A tear is born and the woman knows that she is the Mrs. Roper in this
episode of "Three's Company" and she needs to get away from this couple.
She lays down her money and leaves the tea, like so much in her life,

written 2/19/2013 for Magpie Tales

This is a late submission, but I really like this picture. I was torn between this and something erotic and steamy (and maybe a little porny), but this is what I wrote instead. It is my first submission to Magpie Tales, or The Mag, but I plan on coming back. For these prompts, a picture is posted and then you write in response to that picture. 


  1. Ah memories Heidi...I could be that woman bar the fact my handsome one was never shy...however the lust of love becomes the affection of companionship - and sometimes I dream of days gone by...

    Anna :o]

    1. Hi Anna! (I was going to put your smiley next to your name, but I couldn't get the nose right.)
      Thanks for reading and commenting, and following! I'm beginning to feel like a celebrity! I'm glad that I could prompt some fun memories for you. And I love your spider.

  2. hi heidi- this is so good and I'm sure so true for many women and men in decent yet cold relationships. you captured the almost unbearable loneliness of being lonely while married.

  3. Well done. I especially liked this: "not touching anything
    except for the gold on her finger that only takes warmth from her."

    1. Hi Madeleine! Welcome to the lasagna. Thank you for visiting and commenting. I like that line too.


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