Thursday, September 8, 2011



I'm Bored.
I actually decided to shave.
That's how bored I am.
I dug out my razor.
I blew off the dust.
I replaced the blade.
I got into the shower.
I lathered up and presto!
My legs and pits haven't been this hairless,
since my wedding.
Now my underarms itch,
and my hairless legs are weirding me out.
And I am still so fucking Bored!


originally written 8/28/11

I like this one. I think it's funny. I hoped you liked it as well. Thanks for the 414 hits (looks like we are slowing down some that I am not checking it from any internet location I can, on the hour. Thanks to y'all who are still reading and thanks to anyone just joining. I have almost two whole weeks worth of stuff here, so feel free to peruse the offerings. I am hoping that someone will chance by who likes "Reconnecting".

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