Friday, September 9, 2011

One Day On A Bus: India


     This has got to be one of the worst days of my entire life. Doctor Graves never informed me that life could be this strenuous. Maybe I'll be able to relax when I get home. First thing I'll do is call Dr. Graves and ask him what to do about Harv. I'm not at all pleased with what he tried to do in the catacombs today. I really wanted to hurt him. Dr. Graves will tell me if my response was correct. Oh dear, the situation has become even more repugnant. Midge is trying to talk to me. I know Dr. Graves says that I should work on human relations, but she just reminds me of her husband. It makes me thing that they're conspiring against me. The husband tries to force himself on me physically and now the wife is trying to do it socially. Finally. We've stopped. This is my exit. Why did I tell her that I lived at the boarding house? Now she wants me to invite her over.
     What!? How did I end up her, on the ground, in this puddle? The bus driver tripped me! Forgive me Dr. Graves, but...ah. That felt better. I guess I should talk Dr. Graves now. He'll be most disappointed that I resorted to violence. I hope he doesn't decide to shut me down.


This was a part of a writing assignment that I had in a Fiction Writing class taught by Geoff Schmidt in either 1989 or 1990. We had to write about someone falling on a bus from different points of view. I kind of fudged the assignment a little, but not that bad. I am going to post these weekly on Fridays for the next month (maybe five weeks). You will definitely see the geek in me emerge as the story progresses. This is the sort of stuff that I really like writing, but I am having a hard time getting back into prose.

I wish I could find my old syllabi for some of those classes and redo some of the assignments to get me back into the swing of things. If anyone has any ideas for writing assignments, or resources that they would like to share, I would be most grateful. (Although no APA writing exercises...I am done with research writing for a while!) Also, if anyone has any challenges for me that would be kind of cool too. Like, maybe you want me to write a poem where the last word of each line has to rhyme with "Taliban", or you want me to write a one page piece about the color magenta. (okay, there are a couple of exercises right there.) And, now that I have written it and published it on the blog, it would be beyond pathetic if no one offered any challenges. Since I know my friends read this, I know y'all wouldn't want me to be all sad on the Internet!

Finally, happy two weeks! I hope you have enjoyed reading this as much as I have enjoyed writing and transcibing it ( I have a lot of stuff saved to a five inch floppy that I can't figure out how to access...any suggestions there would be nice too!)

Have a great weekend, y'all!


  1. I kinda was sorta getting into the story....i want more!

  2. Angie? Thanks! I think you'll like the rest of it. I post the second installment next Friday. Thanks for reading and for the comment. Hope all is good with you!


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