Wednesday, September 7, 2011

She's Still The Same Girl

She's Still the Same Girl

Driving to the office, I tell myself
Whatever they say, whatever they find,
she's still the same girl that she is right now.
You're not going to come home with a
You'll love her the same.
She's still the same girl.

I am worried as I sit her in my lap and they prepare her for the test.
She does not like things on her head.
What if she fights?
What if she gets too upset?
Should I just leave with her?
We've gone this long
We'll get tests later.
She'll still be the same girl.

Once again, my sweetheart surprises me.
She laughs when the nurse gets Eeyore ready first.
He's so cute! Silly Eeyore!
My girl sits still and even falls asleep towards the end.
I always seem to underestimate my baby.
She's so wonderful.
She's still the same girl.

Then we go and wait.
The doctor comes in.
It's not the news we want.
It's not the challenges that we wanted for her.
My baby.
My sweet daughter.
She is playing as we talk and I love her so much and...
She's still the same girl.

written 9/7/2011

I am posting this one late tonight. And where I usually say, "Please feel free to let me know what you think," right now I just want to say "You'd better fucking like this one! I sobbed the whole time I was writing it!" But since that wouldn't be a very polite thing to say to all of you who have been so kind as to follow the blog this far, I won't say anything.


  1. You are an awesome mommy.

  2. Thanks Jessica. This one kind of wrote itself. I am rather pleased with it.


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