Monday, September 5, 2011

Groceries II

Groceries II
     (the checkout)

Which lane do I choose?
Which lanes are open?
Which lane has a small enough line so the sweeties don't get too impatient,
but has someone who will give me time to unload all this stuff?
Here we go.
Do I have eveything? Did I forget something?
Will you leave the two loose bananas out please? Thank you.
Okay sweetie-pies, I need to put those on the
conveyor belt. We have to pay for them.
Thank you baby.
Who wants a banana? Yay bananas?
Everything is checked on my list.
What did I forget?
What sweetie?
Yes, you're right, it's not a boo-boo, it's a penis.
Uh-huh, right. It's not a walrus it's a vulva.
Let's wait to talk about this some more until we are in the truck, okay?
What is it about the checkout lane that makes her want to talk about genitals?
I don't even want to know what the cashier is that a smirk?
Oh sorry, here you go. Yay! I am $.52 under budget!
Thanks, you have a good day too.
Why does it still feel like I have forgotten something?


originally written 8/28/11

So, here's the second of the Groceries. I hope you like it. I still haven't written the third, but it is whirling around in my head.

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