Tuesday, April 8, 2014

NaPoWriMo Day Eight: He Wades Through Bullshit

He wades through bullshit, like the con
     Of found wallets and pyramid schemes
What he wants is to remove what's on
     Claiming that you fulfill his dreams
And once you're done, you meet the dawn
     With insight- he's not what he seems

One excuse or more, one date or less,
     Spews forth from his lying face
Now that he has had what's in your dress
     He's in search of a newer lace
To use his word for new conquest
     Like the astronaut wooing space.

My words seem harsh, I realize that
     and, in truth, Beauty's not so bad.
Romantics, I think, were better at
     writing of a pot and severed head
imprisoned wives' fireside chats
     and reanimating the dead.

     after George Gordon Byron
written 4/8/14 for

Today's prompt was to rewrite a classic poem. I chose She Walks in Beauty, and I am a little worried that I may be guilty of heresy. Also, I took some liberties with the form (as usual).



  1. yikes....not the guy...
    too bad its only the morning after
    you know...

    this was a fun play on
    she walks in beauty....smiles.

    1. AppThank you Brian! I'm Sure That I'll Be Haunted Tonight ByThe Ghosts Of The British Romantics. ( Sorry For All ThE Caps. I'm Using The Blogger app On My Phone.)


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