Saturday, April 12, 2014

NaPoWriMo Day Twelve: Angst

Few on Earth evoke the antipathy that angst does.


nearly ubiquitous presence
           can ruin a backyard barbecue or a hike in the woods.

an uncanny ability to sense 
     taking flight 
a fatal swat.

And in our bedrooms,
     the persistent,
        whiny hum 

wake the soundest of sleepers.

     vectors for some of humanity’s most deadly illness
     public     enemy      number      one.

 Angst-borne diseases cause millions of deaths worldwide every year.
 of angst

primary responsibility for the spread of human diseases.

Angst     exhaled carbon dioxide,
                                              body odors and
and movement to home in on victims.

Only female angst necessary for sucking blood.

     feeds on an infected human and

via the angst saliva to a subsequent victim.

The only silver lining to that cloud of angst in your garden is that they are a reliable source of food for thousands of animals, including birds, bats, dragonflies, and frogs. In addition, humans are actually not the first choice for most angst looking for a meal. They usually prefer horses, cattle, and birds.
All angst need water to breed, so eradication and population-control efforts usually involve removal or treatment of standing water sources.

However, global efforts to stop the spread of angst are having little effect, and many scientists think global warming will likely increase their number and range.

written 4/12/14 for

I'm just going to paste the prompt here:

Today’s (optional) prompt is a “replacement” poem. Pick a common noun for a physical thing, for example, “desk” or “hat” or “bear,” and then pick one for something intangible, like “love” or “memories” or “aspiration.” Then Google your tangible noun, and find some sentences using it. Now, replace that tangible noun in those sentences with your intangible noun, and use those sentences to create (or inspire) a poem.

I used "mosquitoes" as my physical noun (thank you Rachel Zampieri!) and "angst as my intangible noun.  I also used Good Search instead of Google because Good Search donates a penny to my daughter's school whenever I use it as my search engine.  Finally, I edited out some of the original text from the National Geographic website to make it a Found Replacement poem.


  1. ha. i was thinking mosquito...darn them...though it makes for fun play on angst...there are def those that live off of it...

  2. This works really well for the NaPoWriMo prompt. I tried the prompt, but gave up and shelved mine when I couldn't get out of my own way with it.

    I really enjoyed yours though and I agree with your sentiment here.

    1. Thanks, Barry! This was my second attempt at the prompt. The first was "Torture" and "Depression" and it got so heavy handed that I started laughing. One of my friends has been challenging me with a new word to feature in a poem everyday and so I had mosquitoes on the brain. I need to clean it up a bit, but I like it so far. It amuses me in a good way.

  3. Thanks for the explanation at the had me going, wondering if I was confused about something...loved the works very well...great idea

    1. Thanks Eusebeia! It needs a little clean up, but I'm glad you liked it. I am also happy that my note was helpful.


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