Thursday, April 3, 2014

NaPoWriMo Day Three: Charmed

specifically chosen chemicals
must be consumed before noon
lest gremlins arise

written 4/3/14 for

I am beginning to feel a little like a one note asshole here. I did sort of work in the NaPoWriMo prompt to write a charm...sort of...and look, a Collum Lune! Last year I spent the first week writing Cinquains, hmmm. Also, Blogger is not letting me comment on my posts, so that's been frustrating.

Maybe I shouldn't write these post poem comments when I'm feeling grumpy...



  1. Almost a reverse-gremlin rule, eh? I like it!

    No need to beat yourself up over starting slow. It's not a race. Plus, I just happen to love your work, so I'm not biased or anything. .. ;)

    1. Hi my friend! I think the grumpiness came from trying to think of a way for the last line to work. I kept thinking of lines with four words, until I thought of "lest." It gets to be my favorite word now.

      I'm always so happy to see you here, and I am loving what you are writing on your blog! You are an extraordinary writer. Also, this month is our poetriversary! I met you a year ago through NaPoWriMo.

  2. if it helps...hey...
    when i used to counsel i worked to get kids off meds
    but some def needed them...

    1. Hi Brian! It makes a difference.

  3. I love the gremlin reference, I am afraid my inner gremlin is a tenacious bastard

    1. Inner gremlins are scarier I think.


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