Thursday, April 10, 2014

NaPoWriMo Day Nine: Story From Soundtracks

He wanted everything now.
His rule was impatience...

He hurried through life
A servant to his immediate desire.

He was unaware the instant Karma struck,
Deposing this oblivious king

"Tut! Tut!" Clucked the old women
laughing behind their knitting.

He kept dictating missives encouraging speed
and never noticed no one complying.

If anyone had taken the time to warn him
of his bad reputation...

He would not have taken the time
to listen.

As he wrapped himself within himself,
the people lead him to the ring.

"My Bell will signal the start of combat.
Prepare to defend yourself, sir!"

And still he hurried on within himself
ignoring his own peril.

Once slain, he was too distracted to die.
Yelling angrily to the sound of people's joy...

"Get back to work!"

written 4/9/14 for

Okay, so technically, I am posting this on the tenth, but I started it around 11:30, so I am counting it as a poem for the ninth. :) Today's prompt was to use the first five songs on a random playlist. Out of all of my songs on my iTunes, this is what popped up.

Instant Karma: John Hiatt
King Tut: Steve Martin
Bad Reputation: Half Cocked
Ring My Bell: Anita Ward
Joy: Harry Nilsson

Also, I felt rather prose-y tonight.


  1. Such piece pulled from your music list!

  2. i hope that should i ever get there that someone take the time to tell me...
    cool blend of the music inspirations
    and quite vivid...

    1. Thank you Brian! I hope that I would take the time to listen :)


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