Tuesday, April 29, 2014

NaPoWriMo Day Twenty-Nine: An Open Apology to My Friend Bone for Ignoring Our Words With Friends Game This Month

Dear Bone,

I know that
this seems like I'm pouting
for another loss

And it is
more than fair for you
to think that

But I promise
I've been doing the poem
a day thing

and that has
taken the total of my
daily word allotment

it has absolutlely
nothing to do with the
fact that I

have not drawn
one single mother fucking consonent
or that I

have lost the
last six stupid mother fucking
games we've played

it's the poem
thing, the daily poem thing
well documented here

So I hope
that you will accept my
most sincere apologies

and seriously I'm
NOT POUTING! I've grown since
the last time.

Fine, be that
way then. I really tried.
You read it.

There is no
pleasing some people. Always jumping
to wrong conclusions.

Just you wait mister, May
First...you're toast.

written 4/29/14 for my friend, Bone and for

I have been a very negligent WWF buddy this month. I hope Bone will forgive me. You would, right? Come on, a multiple Collum Lune apology? Of course you would.


  1. Well this is the most elaborate yet of your MANY excuses :)

  2. ha - it's not easy doing that poem a day thing - and i think it forces you to cut back other things... luckily april's almost over...smiles

    1. Hi Claudia! I'm not sure I would last 31 days :)

  3. Yes, wonderful way to apologize! Very funny!

  4. Ha!! Loved this! I'll bet my partners wonder where I have been too!!

    1. Thank you Audrey! I do have a bad habit of waiting until the game is about to kick me off before making my next move.

  5. This made me chuckle. and you're totally not pouting, BTW. ;)

    1. Thanks Barry! See, you'd accept this apology, right?


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