Monday, April 14, 2014

NaPoWriMo Day Fourteen: What's on Eli's Mind?

photo by heidi helmer

Why did you wake up?
Why did you come downstairs when you woke up?
Do you like sausage biscuits?
Can I have a sweet tea?
Do you think Daddy will bring me a honeybun?
Can we go to Target to get me a toy?
Is Venom a bad guy?
Why is he a bad guy?
Can Spiderman beat up Venom?
What is that?
Do bugs like to eat cookies?
Can I leave my cookies here?
Will bugs try to eat them?
Where is my Kitty Softpaws?
Have you seen her?
Can you find her?
Will you take me to the thrift store to get a new Kitty Softpaws?
Is she a Cat Batman-Girl?
Can we go to Target and get Aoife and Daddy a treat?
  (and me a toy?)
Do you like Orange drink?
Why don't you like Orange drink?
Is Jack a bad guy?
Mommy? Mommy?
Will you help me?
Can you play with me?
Can we make noodles for lunch?
With steak?
And chocolate pie?
Can you fix this?
Who's your baby?

     You are, my sweet little fella.

written 4/14/14 for

Hello y'all. Today's prompt was to write a poem that was all questions, so really, my son wrote this one for me. :)



  1. hahahaha and kids talk in all questions
    at some

    and exhausting at

    1. He even asks questions in his sleep! I need to start reading everything now for all the questions he's going to have as he gets older.

  2. This warms my heart each time I read it.

    (I read it often.)


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