Friday, April 11, 2014

NaPoWriMo Day Eleven: Geburtstag for Tutta

Sonny called her Tutta

throughout all these years. We still call her Tutta
a name that means
we love you.

written 4/11/14 for

So, for yesterday's dVerse prompt, Gay asked us to invent a form. Mine is called Geburtstag. You use the numerical month day and year of your (or someone else's birthday) to determine the number of words or syllables for each line. For this poem, I used words. If there is a zero, then skip that line. I wrote for my aunt's birthday yesterday.


  1. I'm just now seeing this. I love it! Thank you so much--especially for the Sonny part.
    It hurts just as much today as it did 14 years ago, right? Love you, Heidi. Still love and miss you, Sonny.

    1. Thank you Tutta! I love you too! And I miss our sweet, funny Sonny.


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