Friday, April 18, 2014

NaPoWriMo Day Eighteen: The Girl with the Blue Hair and Her Sam

The girl with the blue hair
Rode to the picnic on a mare
She brought a nice country ham
People can stare, she doesn't care.

The mare went by the name of Sam
She was as gentle as a lamb
She was fluent in speaking French
Sam's favorite mots were je t'aime.

Sam stopped at a park bench.
The girl jumped down in a cinch.
Her lunch was ready to eat.
She and Sam discussed the movies of Dame Judy Dench.

At the end of the day, they walked home on their feet.
The evening sunset smelled cool and sweet.
Sam and her girl were best of friends.
Leaving their footprints in the peat.

written 4/18/14 for

Look at me! I'm Rubaiyat-ing! This is so cool. I don't think this poem is done, but, all I wanted at first was to try the form and not be depressing. I think that there could be some fun with Sam and her girl with blue hair, but I will need to give it more thought...



  1. it is good to have friends as much as sam
    that will walk with you no matter what....

    1. I like Sam. I really want to develop this a little. Now if I can just remember...

  2. Nice job with the form. I like the blue-haired girl. :o)

    1. Thanks! It was fun. I am partial to blue hair.


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